Sunday, 23 March 2014

Let's Make a Mason Solar Light

I know summer is on the way out but the evenings are still pretty darn Fabulous for sitting and relaxing outside. We have had the fancy schmancy Mason Jar Solar Light Lids available for some time but they definitely did not sell very well.
Probably because to even make a couple of bucks on them? We had to sell them at $19.50 each.

When the Girls were here for The Fabulous Faburary Girls Only Weekend ~ they ALL commented on how much they liked them as does every single visitor to Chez Fabulous.

I didn't have any left so .............

Got me to thinking ~ Yeah yeah scary thought ~ but my little brain started twirling.

How could I make a Mason Solar light that didnt look seriously dodgy and actually worked?

Simple as One, Two, Three

Let me show you!

Ingredients: ( Is that the right word?)

Solar Garden Spike Lights

Heritage Blue Empty Jar & Lights

1 x Mason Jar ( I used one of our Heritage Blues available here)
1 x Coles Solar Garden Light ~$2.00 each or try the Cheap Shop.

Optional but I reckon it made a difference ~ just sayin

Duct / Gaffer Tape
Scissors  to cut aforementioned tape
String for decorative purposes or anything YOU like
Stones to put inside Jar

Step One: Put the Solar Garden Lights outside in the sun for about 8 hours with the Orange strip removed as per instructions

Step Two:

Wrap Gaffer/Duct tape around top part of light

Remove Garden stake and wrap Gaffer / Duct Tape around base of light. I found they were just squiggy bit shy of fitting firmly in the lid of the Mason Jar and the tape made them sit firmly.
Trim Tape so it doesn't look messy.

Trim Tape
Step Three: 
Remove the inside part of the Mason Jar lid and simply use the screw on outer part.

Place Light firmly into screw on outer part of lid

Step Four:
Decorate or not  ~ your choice. I filled one with glass stones & tied some string around the top to give it a rustic look

Glass stones and string to decorate
Step Five:

Pour your bevvy of choice and sit back to admire how clever you are

Finished & ready to use

You could use any REGULAR MOUTH Mason Jar you have in your cupboard or collection. I used the Heritage Blue because I like the way the color is at night. Don't limit yourself to using these outside. They are Fabulous as a ready made light when those dreaded Blackouts happen and only need to sit where they can be in direct sunlight to recharge!

From Clear / Heritage & Summer Green New ©Ball Mason Jars through to gorgeous 100 year old Vintage ~ You can buy all Regular Mouth Mason Jars from our website 

So there you have it! I am using these on the Newly Named Ladies Landing (previously Known as The Man Deck) and think they are Fab from as cheap as $2.00 ~ The Fabulous Mason Jar Light.

PS: Went back and removed the Plastic bit from the Solar Light and recharged. I wasnt sure that it would work as there is a silver reflector in the bottom. half filled the Jars with Colored stones and this is the result!

Stay Fabulous

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