Thursday, 27 September 2012

This week Focus

This weeks focus has been the Gallery order. They are now completed and on their way to Moree.....

Friday, 21 September 2012

Saturday Pottering...

Saturday here and with Mr Fab at work its been a day of jammies and pottering. I finally realised I will NOT be able to give up our Pre 1900 late 1800 Ball Mason. I know I know ~ I am weak but in my defense...if you love Masons you will understand. It has ripples? running all through it and bubbles here and there in the glass ~ caused by the glassblower all those years ago. I just love to look at it and have finally decided ~nope cant sell it and also wont fill it. As much as I adore candles and how they look in these jars, how they burn, how perfectly fabulous they are as soy wax candles....... I just want to keep it as it was......
I also thought you might get a laugh out of a picture of the Fabulous Redneck Mason Wedding Jars we were given as a gift when we were in America ...getting married.
Vegas Baby ~Vegas.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Little things that make you happy

So excited here at fsv HQ today!!! We have prepped all the jars for the launch of the new range ~ fsv funk. This will be an amazing range aimed at the slightly younger ones who still love candles and want to preserve our environment and minimize their carbon footprint while still being INCREDIBLY cool.
These WILL BE the coolest thing ever! We also booked our Photographer ~Kate Redmond ~for a shoot in the next couple of weeks to show you all and launch this new and super exciting range! Also spoke to our Logo designer about the new logo for fsv funk. We felt it needed to be completely different but still under the fs vintage umbrella. She did an amazing job so keep an eye out ~coming to Fabulous Scents Vintage ~VERY SOON!
Today was also DELIVERY DAY!!! I do so love delivery day ~thats when our parcels of jars arrive from the US. This time our supplier had added a surprise or....4!!! 4 of the really early Quart jars which we are very very excited about. For today ~ pictures of beautiful Vintage Quart Blue Masons ~ filled with delicious and Fabulous fragranced soy wax.

Monday, 17 September 2012

All good so far....

The start of this Fabulous week has been hectic to say the least! I must say ~to finally catch up on orders is the BEST feeling. Today will be spent doing the fiddly and time consuming Soy wax Shots to ensure I have heaps ready for the Moranbah Home Show. As I was drifting off to sleep last night I was thinking about this Blog and what I need to do to engage and capture readers.....

"Sienna stood looking disheveled and beautiful ~her luminous green eyes flashing an anger that was ferocious. Daring him to even try and kiss her. Garth Montague easily stepped forward with his long muscular strides and looked down into those eyes.
" You will not defy me Miss Gorden ~no matter who you THINK you are" he said in his deep velvety tone.
Sienna raised her small petite hand and slapped him hard across his rugged cheek ~a slight mark left for all to see.
Shock and surprise at her actions caused Garth to finally do what he had secretly wanted for these last few months ~
"You saucy Minx " he said as he grabbed and kissed her ...
Sienna tried wildly to escape his strong steel like grip when she suddenly found herself swept away in a passion almost tidal in its force.
They broke away ~shock registering on their faces as they both realized how much they had wanted the kiss to continue and take them on a journey neither would be able to return from......
Garth spun on his heel and stalked out of the luxurious parlor ~slamming the massive oak door firmly behind him.
Sienna sunk to the Chaise lounge ~ her hand to the bodice of her magenta velvet gown ~confusion and wonder on her beautiful face......

Soooooooo have I grabbed your attention yet?

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Oh my ~ Baby Blue I do so love you

Do I really need to say anything..............................

Sunday afternoon

What a wonderful amazing and relaxing day! Took Dexter The Wonderdog for a walk to get the paper and then spent the day pottering. I have spent most of it trying to figure out this whole Blog Phenomenon! Then I thought I may as well have a go at the Instagram picture thing and so far have not done very well. I usually leave the photography to Kate Redmond Photography as she obviously knows what she is doing.
She uploaded a picture she had done one sunny afternoon while I was making a coffee. For me to take a picture I basically have to take about 25 to finally get one that doesnt totally suck. I always feel I need to be able to convey how beautiful the Masons are so try not to even bother! The roses look a wee bit worse for wear but you get the drift. Thats one of the Vintage Wire lid Pint Masons. Sold now but we do have more available.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Fabulous Jars

The start of an obsession

I was thinking today about where I first experienced a real fair dinkum Ball Mason Jar. I had always loved them and thought they were the most beautiful jar but had not really had a chance to touch and feel ...if you will.......In April 2012 we were in Polk City Iowa with our friends The Stochls. We were going to make real Moonshine and Mish felt it needed to be poured into genuine Ball Masons. We made the beverage and tested the beverage and it was pronounced....drinkable. And so began the obsession. I loved the feel of the jars and the way they looked.  " Wonder if they could be made into Fabulous Scents candles" I mused ........
We purchased our first jars and now find people embracing them and loving their beauty as much as we do. So the above eventually became...........

New and Old ~ Perfectly Fabulous.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Monday Monday

Monday is Soy Pour Day here at fsv HQ. Its where our normally tidy kitchen becomes a mass of empty jars and all natural Soy Wax. I have decided I am lovin these Fowler Vacola. These ones are New but damn if they dont look amazing!!! Combined with some vintage look Newspaper and you have ...............Fabulous!