Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday afternoon

What a wonderful amazing and relaxing day! Took Dexter The Wonderdog for a walk to get the paper and then spent the day pottering. I have spent most of it trying to figure out this whole Blog Phenomenon! Then I thought I may as well have a go at the Instagram picture thing and so far have not done very well. I usually leave the photography to Kate Redmond Photography as she obviously knows what she is doing.
She uploaded a picture she had done one sunny afternoon while I was making a coffee. For me to take a picture I basically have to take about 25 to finally get one that doesnt totally suck. I always feel I need to be able to convey how beautiful the Masons are so try not to even bother! The roses look a wee bit worse for wear but you get the drift. Thats one of the Vintage Wire lid Pint Masons. Sold now but we do have more available.

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