Friday, 31 January 2014

Bloody hell people what a week! I have been working non stop on this blasted blasted website. We initially had spoken to an amazing Designer who was full or ideas and enthusiasm but it came down to those things we live with everyday ....


We had to make a choice between
A: Sourcing and importing a small batch of the New Heritage Green ©Ball Mason Jars
B: Website.
So ~Jars are on the way with tracking ~yes indeedy you read that correctly ~WITH tracking and I am left pulling out my hair on an hourly basis.

Heritage Green Jar ~Image via ©Ball

We don't want "just"a website. We want something that is simple to use and easy to navigate so I have Googled and cut and pasted and SAVED SAVED SAVED probably what feels like a million tiny pieces of data and I think we are almost there.
Mr Fab has not been home this week so I have been shrieking EUREKA and doing the "Managed to Save it and Not Have it Disappear" dance with Dexter. He just looks at me and cocks his head to the side as I yell out that I have managed to put a page in correctly. I lost count of how many times I have sat smirking at something which I have finished after hours of work only to have it literally disappear as I go to Preview...

"Really? You managed to do that huh?"


Pretty sure I will never be a designer in another life ......

I will admit though ~and those that know me will agree I am sure ~I think being an insane perfectionist does have it's drawbacks. I simply refuse to accept it or release it till it is Fabulous.

So stay tuned Fabsters. This week has lead to a very small batch of both Pints & Quart Limited Edition Green Spring Jars making their way to us from the US which means ~ just like the Heritage Blues we will be among the VERY FIRST to have them in Australia!!!! (How insane fabulous cool is that??????)...............AND almost finishing our website so you will be able to purchase your Fabulous Products just a little more easily. You can of course purchase from our Etsy Store or by simply contacting us via our Facebook Page

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

NEW ©Ball GREEN Perfection Heritage Canning Jar ~ Oh yeah!

There are COMING! They are on their WAY! How excited are we???? Last year saw the release of the Limited Edition Blue Heritage Jar as part of the 100 year Celebration of ©Ball Canning Jars. This year in 2014 the New Green Heritage Perfection Jar will be released in March!

Heritage Blue Limited Edition Jar

There was an absolute FRENZY with the Heritage Blue Jars so we thought ~ Lets try and get some in nice and early BEFORE they hit the Stores. Of course we have signed up for the Australian Pre Orders and  are also importing our first batch from the US as we did last year, but we wanted to try and give our Fabulous customers just a little bit of an edge.

We began hunting down where we could source just a small lot of maybe 2 dozen to get us started.
And we did! Many emails and contacting various companies led us to finally managing to grab just 4 boxes of each in Pint and Quart!
So stay tuned Fabsters ..... as soon as these babies hit our Shop they will be cleaned, photographed and popped onto FS Vintage for sale!

Image via ©Ball

Just the Quarts for starters and the Pints will be arriving sometime in February. We try to be your Go To Aussie Mason People and fingers crossed ......

We dont let you down!

We also offer you options for using your jar with a Fabulous selection of Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser Pumps with purpose made lids. Recently we found a terrific range of funky and retro colors to help make your home even more Fabulous!

Standard Soap Dispenser Pump

Fab new colors coming soon

These amazing Jars are so versatile you can pretty much use them for anything ......

Flower Frog on Heritage Blue Jar

Heritage Blue as a Bevvy Jar

All existing Stock is available to purchase by contacting us via our Facebook page, Our Etsy Store and our soon to be launched Online store.

So stay tuned and

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

Monday, 27 January 2014

Wowsers what a week!

Wowsers! What a huge and interesting week! So where to begin?

I got it into my head that we had to have a website and nothing was going to stand in our way! Contacted a few designers because quite frankly I suck at computer stuff. Our quote was very good but untill fs vintage is back on her feet .... well you know how it goes.

I am pretty much at the stage where I could toss the computer and all who are using it ..... out the window.
In the meantime we were running some fab competitions to try and get some more interest going in our little Shop and business!

Soap Dispenser available now at FS Vintage

The competition was amazing and we had an absolute ball doing it! Mr Fab takes the whole thing very seriously and drew the winner with suitable aplomb and ceremony!  The Comp brought new and frenzied interest in our Soap Dispensers so we would like to let you know ~ You can purchase our unique Soap Dispensers from either our Etsy StoreFaceBook Soap Dispenser Album or simply use the Shop Tab at the top of our Blog. We started selling these about 18? months ago when we became tired of constantly having to replace the plastic pumps. Our dispensers were sourced from the US and are stainless steel 2 cc pumps which are built to last. Remember our dispensers and new lids will fit any regular mouth mason jar.
We have recently ordered some funky and different color jar lids to compliment our existing range so you can now create a perfect matched set!

We then decided to do another mini comp using one of the New Product Lines we have ~Hand Made Soaps from Vintage Roses & Things located in Wellington Point Brisbane.

Mulled Red Wine Hand Made Soap
These products are seriously fabulous and we cannot begin to tell you how thrilled we are to be the exclusive Northside stockist! I have also been running some tests on the Facial scrub and Ball soap. Well Facial Scrub for me and Ball Soap for Mr Fab.
So how bout some conclusions?

Ball Soap in Lemon Mytle: As Tested by Mr Fab ~Conclusion? Seriously good ... his words ~ Seriously good. He said the fragrance was subtle enough he didnt feel like he was having a girly shower ..... but strong enough that he felt refreshed and cleansed!

Lemon Mrytle hand made soap Ball

Facial Scrub & Clay Mask:

Facial Scrub

Clay Mask

I really enjoyed using both these products and because I am always honest with you ~I also used the facial scrub to slough ~ ( I adore that word ~ slough ) ~ as usual where was I? Yes ~I used the scrub to remove all the dead skin from my hands. *Dreamy sigh* It was perfectly fabulous. Not only was I cleaning my face? I was making my hands feel just a little better. There was a delicious creamy sensation to both my face and hands on completion. Ok ok I admit ~ I am incredibly LAZY when it comes to doing the whole face thing as I figure I am old why bother? I do bother though and this made the whole process simple! I love how EASY it was. Wet my face then have a gently scrub with this product to create  smooth and clean skin.
The same went with the Clay Mask. Simply moisten my face then rub this on. I left it for probably longer than normal as I became sidetracked ~there's a shocker huh? 
Again the results were smooth creamy skin that felt fresh and CLEAN!

Now it is back to this blasted website for me! Keep an eye out for the New Heritage Green ©Ball Jar which we have managed to source BEFORE they come to Australia. We had confirmation this morning they had left ©Ball and will soon be sailing across that beautiful big blue ocean right to our door! There will be no pre orders on this batch as we have only managed to secure about 20 but do not worry people .... our Pre Order is sorted and we will have them in late March.

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Fabulous Feature ~ Vintage Pint Mason

Vintage Pint Mason Jar
We have decided to do a weekly Product Feature where we will showcase one of our amazing products and tell you a little bit about it.

Sound good?

To get things rolling ~ how bout we do our signature Jar ~The Vintage Pint Mason.

It all started about 3 years ago. We had been making Soy Candles for a few years and had become tired of the same old thing. So ~ started looking around for something different. Noticed these on Etsy and noticed that they were not readily available here in Australia. Brought in our first batch and began testing. Made some interesting discoveries as to which sort of Vintage Jars we could use ~ some became far to hot when burning ~ and decided to take a leap of faith and bring in our first major order of genuine vintage jars.
Bloody scary I can tell you!!! What if people dont like them? Oh NO ~ what if we have wasted months of research and money?

Wouldn't be a leap of faith if you didn't jump now would it?

Ok let us begin:
First thing we do is source the jars from the USA. We look for Vintage Jars in excellent condition and try and get as many as we can in one hit.

Kate Redmond Photography

Empty Vintage Pint ~ Photography by Kate Redmond Photography

After we unpack the parcel ~ usually singing loudly and making loads of oooohhhh ahhhhhhhhh wooooowwwwww noises we make sure each jar is perfect. They then go into our trusty dishwasher for another clean ~ generally we let them go round twice.
After they are thoroughly cleaned we again inspect each jar to ensure it will become the Perfect FS Vintage soy candle.
The candlemaking process is then begun with each and every Vintage jar done individually to ensure it is absolutely seriously Fabulous.

We wait 24 hours ~ to ensure a perfectly set product ~ then begin the packaging part of one of our Jars. Don't get me wrong ~ the same attention to detail is used with every single product we make ~ The Vintage Jars are just so beautiful to use and make the most amazing candle ~ well we just love making them!

We do have stock in our Shop and we do make these to order. You can choose from one of our tested and true fragrances and have a little bit of history in your home.......

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Fabulous Soy Candles

Fabulous Homewares

French Soap? Ohhhh la la

Hello Blogsters! It has been awhile and I have been remiss in keeping you updated on the happenings here at FS Vintage

The Shop has consumed every spare moment we have but finally we can now start letting you know what sort of products and range we have!
So ~ lets get this party started shall we?

We have been rigorously testing a new sort of liquid soap which is very new, very French and very Fabulous!

Savon Noir Black Liquid Soap ..... and yes indeed it is ......... Black. Imported from France and now available right here at FS Vintage

Ok I will admit to being a little daunted by the color and have no idea on how to explain that. I mean really? What possible difference can it make if your Liquid Soap is Black?
After testing this product I am here to say ~ it makes absolutely no difference what so ever!

So lets get down and dirty on this ~

First and foremost for me ~ ( and those who follow us will know I have serious issues with my hands) ~ well basically ~ Will it hurt or make my hands worse?

Answer: No ~ resounding NO. No pain or itchyness at all. (Please Note here: For me it caused no problems at all and I have issues touching pretty much everything ) This was a MASSIVE plus.

The Sensational Shaun from French Home wanted to also make sure this product could be easily dispensed from a Soap Dispenser.

Vintage Pint Mason with Red Enamel Lid & stainless steel 2 cc dispenser

Answer: Yes! Absolutely perfectly Fabulous ( How cool is this shot??????)

Now for the nitty gritty part .... will it clean? Shaun informed me I could use this for anything from washing my hands to wiping down the kitchen benchtops ....


I have a pretty new and I think quite nice kitchen but it can never be said we wont have a go!

Does it work?
Answer: Yes! Stone Benchtops were clean and sparkly. The added bonus? I wiped up the leftover bits from the photo shoot with a teatowel ~tossed it in the wash and it also came out fresh and clean.

Overall? We will be stocking this product! For a 1 Litre Bottle the RRP is $29.90. This will last you for absolutely ages so bad for us and GREAT for you!

Verdict: ~ Bloody Brilliant and seriously Fabulous

Heritage Blue Jar with Black Speckled Lid and 2 cc Stainless Steel Dispenser

Stay Fabulous

FS Vintage