Wednesday, 29 January 2014

NEW ©Ball GREEN Perfection Heritage Canning Jar ~ Oh yeah!

There are COMING! They are on their WAY! How excited are we???? Last year saw the release of the Limited Edition Blue Heritage Jar as part of the 100 year Celebration of ©Ball Canning Jars. This year in 2014 the New Green Heritage Perfection Jar will be released in March!

Heritage Blue Limited Edition Jar

There was an absolute FRENZY with the Heritage Blue Jars so we thought ~ Lets try and get some in nice and early BEFORE they hit the Stores. Of course we have signed up for the Australian Pre Orders and  are also importing our first batch from the US as we did last year, but we wanted to try and give our Fabulous customers just a little bit of an edge.

We began hunting down where we could source just a small lot of maybe 2 dozen to get us started.
And we did! Many emails and contacting various companies led us to finally managing to grab just 4 boxes of each in Pint and Quart!
So stay tuned Fabsters ..... as soon as these babies hit our Shop they will be cleaned, photographed and popped onto FS Vintage for sale!

Image via ©Ball

Just the Quarts for starters and the Pints will be arriving sometime in February. We try to be your Go To Aussie Mason People and fingers crossed ......

We dont let you down!

We also offer you options for using your jar with a Fabulous selection of Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser Pumps with purpose made lids. Recently we found a terrific range of funky and retro colors to help make your home even more Fabulous!

Standard Soap Dispenser Pump

Fab new colors coming soon

These amazing Jars are so versatile you can pretty much use them for anything ......

Flower Frog on Heritage Blue Jar

Heritage Blue as a Bevvy Jar

All existing Stock is available to purchase by contacting us via our Facebook page, Our Etsy Store and our soon to be launched Online store.

So stay tuned and

Stay Fabulous

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  1. Thankyou Stella! And thankyou for your comment!

  2. It's exciting, Tracy !! Love coming into your shop and see all the gorgeous items you let us see. And with so much passion. Thanks ! xx

    1. Thankyou Shirley! We love that you visit us!