Monday, 27 January 2014

Wowsers what a week!

Wowsers! What a huge and interesting week! So where to begin?

I got it into my head that we had to have a website and nothing was going to stand in our way! Contacted a few designers because quite frankly I suck at computer stuff. Our quote was very good but untill fs vintage is back on her feet .... well you know how it goes.

I am pretty much at the stage where I could toss the computer and all who are using it ..... out the window.
In the meantime we were running some fab competitions to try and get some more interest going in our little Shop and business!

Soap Dispenser available now at FS Vintage

The competition was amazing and we had an absolute ball doing it! Mr Fab takes the whole thing very seriously and drew the winner with suitable aplomb and ceremony!  The Comp brought new and frenzied interest in our Soap Dispensers so we would like to let you know ~ You can purchase our unique Soap Dispensers from either our Etsy StoreFaceBook Soap Dispenser Album or simply use the Shop Tab at the top of our Blog. We started selling these about 18? months ago when we became tired of constantly having to replace the plastic pumps. Our dispensers were sourced from the US and are stainless steel 2 cc pumps which are built to last. Remember our dispensers and new lids will fit any regular mouth mason jar.
We have recently ordered some funky and different color jar lids to compliment our existing range so you can now create a perfect matched set!

We then decided to do another mini comp using one of the New Product Lines we have ~Hand Made Soaps from Vintage Roses & Things located in Wellington Point Brisbane.

Mulled Red Wine Hand Made Soap
These products are seriously fabulous and we cannot begin to tell you how thrilled we are to be the exclusive Northside stockist! I have also been running some tests on the Facial scrub and Ball soap. Well Facial Scrub for me and Ball Soap for Mr Fab.
So how bout some conclusions?

Ball Soap in Lemon Mytle: As Tested by Mr Fab ~Conclusion? Seriously good ... his words ~ Seriously good. He said the fragrance was subtle enough he didnt feel like he was having a girly shower ..... but strong enough that he felt refreshed and cleansed!

Lemon Mrytle hand made soap Ball

Facial Scrub & Clay Mask:

Facial Scrub

Clay Mask

I really enjoyed using both these products and because I am always honest with you ~I also used the facial scrub to slough ~ ( I adore that word ~ slough ) ~ as usual where was I? Yes ~I used the scrub to remove all the dead skin from my hands. *Dreamy sigh* It was perfectly fabulous. Not only was I cleaning my face? I was making my hands feel just a little better. There was a delicious creamy sensation to both my face and hands on completion. Ok ok I admit ~ I am incredibly LAZY when it comes to doing the whole face thing as I figure I am old why bother? I do bother though and this made the whole process simple! I love how EASY it was. Wet my face then have a gently scrub with this product to create  smooth and clean skin.
The same went with the Clay Mask. Simply moisten my face then rub this on. I left it for probably longer than normal as I became sidetracked ~there's a shocker huh? 
Again the results were smooth creamy skin that felt fresh and CLEAN!

Now it is back to this blasted website for me! Keep an eye out for the New Heritage Green ©Ball Jar which we have managed to source BEFORE they come to Australia. We had confirmation this morning they had left ©Ball and will soon be sailing across that beautiful big blue ocean right to our door! There will be no pre orders on this batch as we have only managed to secure about 20 but do not worry people .... our Pre Order is sorted and we will have them in late March.

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

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