Thursday, 9 January 2014

Fabulous Feature ~ Vintage Pint Mason

Vintage Pint Mason Jar
We have decided to do a weekly Product Feature where we will showcase one of our amazing products and tell you a little bit about it.

Sound good?

To get things rolling ~ how bout we do our signature Jar ~The Vintage Pint Mason.

It all started about 3 years ago. We had been making Soy Candles for a few years and had become tired of the same old thing. So ~ started looking around for something different. Noticed these on Etsy and noticed that they were not readily available here in Australia. Brought in our first batch and began testing. Made some interesting discoveries as to which sort of Vintage Jars we could use ~ some became far to hot when burning ~ and decided to take a leap of faith and bring in our first major order of genuine vintage jars.
Bloody scary I can tell you!!! What if people dont like them? Oh NO ~ what if we have wasted months of research and money?

Wouldn't be a leap of faith if you didn't jump now would it?

Ok let us begin:
First thing we do is source the jars from the USA. We look for Vintage Jars in excellent condition and try and get as many as we can in one hit.

Kate Redmond Photography

Empty Vintage Pint ~ Photography by Kate Redmond Photography

After we unpack the parcel ~ usually singing loudly and making loads of oooohhhh ahhhhhhhhh wooooowwwwww noises we make sure each jar is perfect. They then go into our trusty dishwasher for another clean ~ generally we let them go round twice.
After they are thoroughly cleaned we again inspect each jar to ensure it will become the Perfect FS Vintage soy candle.
The candlemaking process is then begun with each and every Vintage jar done individually to ensure it is absolutely seriously Fabulous.

We wait 24 hours ~ to ensure a perfectly set product ~ then begin the packaging part of one of our Jars. Don't get me wrong ~ the same attention to detail is used with every single product we make ~ The Vintage Jars are just so beautiful to use and make the most amazing candle ~ well we just love making them!

We do have stock in our Shop and we do make these to order. You can choose from one of our tested and true fragrances and have a little bit of history in your home.......

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

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