Wednesday, 8 January 2014

French Soap? Ohhhh la la

Hello Blogsters! It has been awhile and I have been remiss in keeping you updated on the happenings here at FS Vintage

The Shop has consumed every spare moment we have but finally we can now start letting you know what sort of products and range we have!
So ~ lets get this party started shall we?

We have been rigorously testing a new sort of liquid soap which is very new, very French and very Fabulous!

Savon Noir Black Liquid Soap ..... and yes indeed it is ......... Black. Imported from France and now available right here at FS Vintage

Ok I will admit to being a little daunted by the color and have no idea on how to explain that. I mean really? What possible difference can it make if your Liquid Soap is Black?
After testing this product I am here to say ~ it makes absolutely no difference what so ever!

So lets get down and dirty on this ~

First and foremost for me ~ ( and those who follow us will know I have serious issues with my hands) ~ well basically ~ Will it hurt or make my hands worse?

Answer: No ~ resounding NO. No pain or itchyness at all. (Please Note here: For me it caused no problems at all and I have issues touching pretty much everything ) This was a MASSIVE plus.

The Sensational Shaun from French Home wanted to also make sure this product could be easily dispensed from a Soap Dispenser.

Vintage Pint Mason with Red Enamel Lid & stainless steel 2 cc dispenser

Answer: Yes! Absolutely perfectly Fabulous ( How cool is this shot??????)

Now for the nitty gritty part .... will it clean? Shaun informed me I could use this for anything from washing my hands to wiping down the kitchen benchtops ....


I have a pretty new and I think quite nice kitchen but it can never be said we wont have a go!

Does it work?
Answer: Yes! Stone Benchtops were clean and sparkly. The added bonus? I wiped up the leftover bits from the photo shoot with a teatowel ~tossed it in the wash and it also came out fresh and clean.

Overall? We will be stocking this product! For a 1 Litre Bottle the RRP is $29.90. This will last you for absolutely ages so bad for us and GREAT for you!

Verdict: ~ Bloody Brilliant and seriously Fabulous

Heritage Blue Jar with Black Speckled Lid and 2 cc Stainless Steel Dispenser

Stay Fabulous

FS Vintage

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