Monday, 7 April 2014

Fabulous Chicken Pasta

Now let us begin these ramblings by saying .....

The Kitchen at Chez Green

I suck at cooking.

Not just suck but monumentally suck. My Muffins are a prime example and after 9 shots ~ I gave up. Many a round of jocularity has been had by my friends as they attempted to try one of my creations.

I loathe cooking I don't enjoy cooking and have no pleasure in cooking AT ALL .......

I am lucky enough to have an AMAZING kitchen which is so easy to work in and I have been told by people who do love cooking that I ... nailed it in my design .......
(I LAUGH at the poo poo sayers who told me I was wrong Ha ha and Ha!)
Still does not make me like cooking.

Come on in and sit a spell

I can however ~ do a mean Chicken Pasta Salad.

I decided today I would show you how to make it. So easy peasy and the end result is serious scrumptious. All natural raw veggies and no fats or oils used at all.

The reason for this dive into Recipe Blogging?

My hands.

Recently ( and No I am NOT going to show you pictures of how horrible they are because it might put you off your Chicken Pasta) ~ where was I? Oh yes ~ recently I have been up around 3 am every single morning scratching. I have to go and wash my hands with a salty grainy based body wash *groan with delight at how GOOD it feels* ~ which is the only way I find any relief and then smother my hands in cream and don my Doris Day ~ ROCKIN IT ~ white cotton gloves. Keep in mind I have tried pretty much ANYTHING that is on offer for relief and have been to so many Doctors I have lost count and also Dermatologist which cost a massive amount of money and didn't help. I am simply OVER the swelled hands I cant open or close, the scratching, the ugliness and the pain. I do NOT want to spend the rest of my life on the only thing that does clear them up ~ Steroids.


While on one of my night time sojourns around the house I decided to google "Itchy Palms".
Now iff the truth is that left hand means money in or out or whatever and right the opposite then I have been a Millionaire and a Pauper 100 times over.

As Mr Google and I rendezvoused I noticed a resounding similarity in one thing ........ Gluten.

ARRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I didn't not want to see all the stories about how Gluten played such a major role in the problem but sometimes a Gal has to suck it up and go with the flow. How the heck can I suddenly, at my age, become intolerant to something????? At the end of the day ~ Really what do I have to lose?

So today begins the Gluten Free Phase of life and to kick start I figured I would redo the ONLY thing I am good at .... Fabulous Chicken Pasta entirely Gluten Free.

Let us begin .....

Gluten Free Pasta


*Chicken breast ( Lazy me buys stir fry strips pre cut free range chicken)
*Diced Bacon (Again already cut up and I use low fat)
*Any veggie you love roughly chopped
*Grated Cheese ( I discovered I have to now grate my own block of cheese as pre grated has Gluten in it *rolls eyes*)
*Gluten Free Pasta


I love my new tap! Just sayin!

Cook Diced Bacon in pan and I don't use any oil at all. Cook Chicken strips after the bacon and toss in some garlic.
Cook Gluten Free Pasta as per Box directions
Chop Veggies into chunky pieces and toss everything into a bowl
Grate Cheese and toss in mixing well.

Pop in fridge to chill

The End Result

Serve with Gluten free Crostini

That's it. Easy Peasy and seriously yummy.

Give it a try and let me know ... did you like it?

Stay Fabulous

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