Monday, 30 September 2013

Distract me ....... please ....

I have decided to take the Fat Mum Slim Photo Challenge. A pleasant distraction from Drama .....


 Day 1: Something Colourful

Yeah Yeah ~ I know its kinda sorta still about packing as this is on the wall waiting to be wrapped up but it has distracted me for a bit and let me find my Zen .....

Day 2 ~ Light

I suck at photography but I like doing it ....... 

Day 3: Me Today

Day 4: In Motion

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

Week 16 and 2 to go .....

Week 16 is officially here and today is SUPPOSED to be the Benchtop install day ~ along with Floor sanding. In the last week I have not been able to sleep. Seriously bad disjointed dozing is more accurate as my mind is full of ridiculous stuff that does me in at 2 am. So ~ in an effort to refocus I decided to update this Blog as I love woffling on about the comings and goings and doings of FS VINTAGE and love that you read. I had to figure out how to add those cute little icons on top of the About Us bit ............
I must be the most non computer savvy geek on the planet as I could NOT figure out the whole HTML? whatever it is code thingy. I was awake at 2 am so thought I may as well put my awakeness to good use. Around 6.30 am ~ it all finally lined up and worked.
*serne smile*

I felt like a bonafide Computer Geek at that stage ........

You can click on any of our pretty links and follow our zany ramblings .........

The week dawned bright and clear so I began what has become a Monday Morning Tradition by making my round of Phone Calls. God forbid anyone calls me ~ so I call them.
It appears The Kitchen ~ which should have been in at least 2 weeks ago ~ is again delayed because the Kitchen Sink did not arrive. Keep in mind ~ I didn't make the install dates or the "I can fit that" Date. These people told me over and over that this would be done and that would be finished by such and such a date. After confirming a heap of times ~ I would THEN go and book whatever else needed doing in line with them. To be fair ~ I do understand when things go wrong .... when life or the weather gets in the way ...... but I have to admit I am a leetle bit over not being informed of what is happening. I am a serious easy going gal but you know what? Reached the end of my tether people. It is a very very long tether and I am at the end .........
I had the Floor Sander on the phone in a blind panic because he was stressed about the Floors being damaged by Trades who go in after him. Then Chris The Builder on the phone trying to sort out who should have done what over the weekend. No work can be done upstairs now till after Friday as the Floors need to set before anyone walks on them. They must also use Drop Sheets and wear NO SHOES so as not to damage the newly polished timber. I know one thing for absolute certainty ~ damage it love?
Pay for it.
All the Trades I could contact assured me they are professionals and have dealt with polished timber floors before and will not make so much as a whisper of a mark .......

*Blink Blink*

It all goes back to Mates Rates

Kitchen from ManDeck

The Tiler did not answer any of my calls over the weekend ~ I had extra tiles lined up but could not find him and as of 5.30am on Tuesday I still have had no answer to any calls or Txt messages. The Floor Sander had to do a far bigger job ( originally the floors were not that bad and needed a light sand) as The Painter had not used Drop sheets so the entire floor was white and he had to sand to the very edges to get it all ready for sealing. It also seems the painting is NOT finished so the Floor Sander was having a nervous breakdown about them all damaging his work. But The Painter is not finished because The Tiler had his tools and tiles in one of the bedrooms and he has not finished for whatever reason .......
The Kitchen BenchTop is apparently going in on Friday now ~ along with the Bathroom and Laundry ~ and I wondered out loud when someone was going to CALL us?
It appears there is also a massive hole in the Lounge Room which is NOT as we thought finished because apparently The Plasterer has not finished ........ because ~ and remember folks I am going on hesay and theysay ~ someone else has not done what they had to do.
On top top of all this? There is also apparently NO ROOM  in the garage as all the Trades have simply dumped whatever rubbish they had ..... exactly where they last had it.
Which leads me to finally finding out the answer to the interesting question:


Guest Bedroom Painted

Who Does The Rubbish?

It appears in the Renovating Rule Book ~ When you use a Builder for your entire Reno and he provides the Trades then he will have a skip bin or dispose of the Rubbish. When you have to use a Builder and find your own Trades then those aforementioned Trades simply dump their rubbish where they want and YOU are responsible but lets get 16 weeks into a Build before we let someone know shall we?

Then late last night when I thought the entire day could not have anything else happen ..... The Electrician called to say he had forgotten to write in his diary when I booked him 4 weeks ago via email and confirmed ................ he had booked flights so could not come to finish the Electrical work on the pre booked four weeks ago confirmed date .........

As ya do.

I have decided I must be the most old fashioned and daggyiest person on the Planet ~when I say I am going to do something? I do it.

Bit tired of all the excuses people ~ Do your job can you? Just get on with it.

I did call The Blind People and also mentioned I wont be paying the entire balance until the three windows downstairs are finished. Yep ~ because the Plasterer didn't finish ..... The Plumber didn't finish .... The Tiler still has to Waterproof .... so the Painter can finish ~ after The Setter finishes .... so the Blind people can measure for a blind that will take 8 weeks from whenever they finally get to measure and must be in by the second week in October to beat The Christmas Cut off ........

On a Brighter Note? I sent a massive missive via Text to The Downstairs Floor chap about what is happening and his reply?

"All Good"

He is coming in next week ~the last 6 days before we move back home to do the Downstairs Floors and install the Plantation Shutters and it is ...... "All Good".

Let's just wait and see .......

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

Friday, 27 September 2013

Kitchen ....... Its a happenin thang ... Oh yeah

Week 16 is here and we are heading toward the end and Moving Day. We have been in a kind of limbo the past few days as we have heard nothing from anyone. Nothing at all ....... not a call or txt or picture ... zip, nada, no comprendo senor.
I finally decided enough is enough and called everyone to see where they are all at!

Its a happenin thang people *insert really cool disco moves here*

All the Lads are working toward the end and all of them say they will be done and dusted by the time we arrive. The stone Benchtops are ready to be installed on Monday and a round of frantic phone calls ensued as the Floor Sander is going in to start sanding back the floors on Monday.

So for your viewing ~a not normal Blog post ~ an extra special Blog post ..... May I present .....


*swoon* The Kitchen Carcass

I didnt think I would be so excited to see this!!! Yes it is a mess but OMG!


Bathroom just before screen install
The Floor ~ designed by me and saved us heaps!

Love the square mixers

I wanted everything in the Bathroom to be squared ~the ONLY round things in the room will be the vintage Mason soap dispenser and the Chandelier 

New Toilets ~ Image via Google
 I am so darn excited and absolutely squirming with anticipation and pretty sure I wont be able to ......

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Restyled & Fabulous

As I have been packing everything up to go home I have been coming up with ways to recycle and save money.
I had spent the weekend cleaning up an old standard glass top outdoor setting we have which has sat outside in the blazing Moranbah sun for a few years now and is the worse for wear ~ BUT ~ still has a few BBQ's left I am sure. Nothing flash ~ nothing spectacular or Ohhhhh Ahhhhhh worthy but serviceable.
A couple of the cushion covers have definately seen better days so I popped on to Google to see what the cost of replacements are so we could use this on The Mandeck till we find exactly the one we want.


The cushions would cost more than the actual entire Outdoor setting???? Its just to sit at for a refreshing beverage and a bite to eat for goodness sake!

So ~ I remembered these ....... actually I remembered these at about 2 am when my brain was still in overdrive....

Coffee sacks

Hmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder....... Could I?

Yes indeed I could!

The new chair cover!

1 x Old Outdoor setting resurrected with Coffee sack covers ~Just a little bit Fabulous?

What do you think?

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

Monday, 23 September 2013

Tradies & Tiaras ~ Week 15

Leftover from Week 14 ~ Kitchen was delayed ....

Of course it was delayed......
Of course the only rain that Brisbane has is when our Kitchen is being painted .....


Ok Mrs Positivity ~come on down!

Lets recap : The removalist is booked. We are using the amazing Rite Price Removals Moranbah ~ Kylie promptly returned our calls , gave us a fair quote, allowed for my brain being in neutral , forgetting things and kept us in the loop constantly.  You need moving? Go see Kylie and tell her fs vintage sent you. All booked and deposit paid for pickup on the 12th October.

The Tiles Have begun ....

The Bathroom Tiles ....

We are doing floor to ceiling in The upstairs bathroom, toilet and the downstairs Laundry/Guest Bathroom. We are also using the same tiles throughout the house. Yeah Yeah ~ I know it was the perfect opportunity to try something different but honestly? We had reached the stage of bone weary where we thought ~ Lets just do it already. Heaps easier for the Tiler thats for sure. We also chose to lay the tiles on the side. Well no that is actually not entirely true ....
I chose to lay them on the side after seeing a friends renovation and saw she had used this idea so I pinched it. Mr Fab HATED the concept and thought it was a little bit to crazy and odd and non traditional.
Pffftttttttttttttttttttttttttttt seriously?
I think it looks AMAZING! (Guess who now thinks it is Fabulous?)
The Border is interesting. It is strips of Marble Tile in various degrees of Black & White with random stainless steel. Yep you read that right ~ stainless steel. Very Industrial, Very FS VINTAGE?        

Floor Tile almost done

The bottom Border came about because I had the tiles laid on the floor here to see what they looked like together and noticed at various times of the day and in various lights ...... the white was noticibly different.
*SHRIEK* (The bottom border was ANOTHER problem for the delightful Mr Fab ~ way too out there for him .......)

So I put one layer of the Border tile in between to see if it made a difference and ............. TA DAH ..... Now the tiles look to be the exact same White. I did not want  the room to look like the floor tiles were a creamy white and the walls a stark white .....
The floor ones came about because it was DOUBLE the cost for the Mosaic version of this look. I absolutely love the mosaic version but had to be strong and find an alternative. We found some large white tiles on sale along with the smaller black ones ..... asked Jason The Super Tiler can he do? ........... 
He did!
Perfectly Fabulous in our opinion! Plus saved us about $30 a square meter.

Inside of window

It's the little things that do you in .......

The Kitchen has been confirmed for install on Monday the 23rd of September. It was a major drama because it put EVERYONE back a few days and we were getting close to the Floor Sander deadline of the 30th start on polishing the Floors. The usual rounds of phone calls to everyone over a few hours and it was kinda sorta sorted out. The most easy going and laid back of the whole bunch is Mat The Painter. He is the most Zen person I have ever met ...
As you already know ~the floors need at least a week for to be really ready to walk on so I had organized that in the down week where nobody really needed to do anything. The best laid plans blah blah blah. Monday morning dawned bright and sunny so armed with my CAN DO POSITIVE ATTITUDE I made more phone calls to my gorgeous Tradies to confirm everyone was on the same ....... page?........ Planet?.... To my utter delight they are all on track to be out and gone by the end of the weekend so our Floor Sander can go do his thing. Chris The Scottish Builder confirmed the Kitchen chaps were installing the Kitchen Carcass ... ( I just love how they call it a "Carcass" ) and apparently the Stone people are there as well.

Oh yeah.

I cant get any of them to take a picture as it seems they are all ... apparently ......... old....... and therefore have no idea how to use the Phone camera ......
(I can use a camera and I am old .......... Do you follow us on Instagram

I still dont understand why the tiniest little thing can set a problem in motion that seems to be as big as Godzilla and causing as much destruction. I have come to the conclusion that Tradies & Tiaras go hand in hand .......
In between this place looking like the aftermath of a small but effective explosion I have been finishing a wedding order and some Vintage quart Masons ....

Everything for FS VINTAGE will be packed away this week and will not be reopened again till maybe the third week in October? I will keep you informed as the new and shiny shop is my number one priority .... after setting up the new King Size Bed of course.

Till next week when it is getting mighty close to MOVING DAY ....

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

Monday, 16 September 2013

Week 14 ~ Hello Kitchen Week

Ohhhh yeah ~ Finally after all this time ~ it is KITCHEN WEEK!!!!! On the 19th of September our kitchen will be installed. (Along with the Bathroom cabinet)


We made a last minute decision to change the Laundry cabinet top to stone last week and our wonderful kitchen Dude ~ Paul from Starkey Christoe Kitchens made it happen. We just thought if the rest of the house was stone tops then we may as well go the whole hog and ~ DO IT!
There have been hold ups and it all goes back to the whole Mates Rates thing. The Downstairs Guest Shower and Laundry Room is not finished due to other commitments by our tradie so the walls cannot be finished which means the Plasterer cant finish which means the Tiler cant finish which means the painter cant finish and so it goes on ..... I said from the get go I did not want to have to use the Mates System but unfortunately we had no choice. To be fair ~ the Lads have done an amazing job and we cannot wait to see their work! So ~ we have contacted Paul and asked for the Laundry cabinet to be postponed till the 27th September and have fingers crossed it is all done and ready to be finished by then.

Downstairs Guest Area

fs vintage shop all plaster boarded and ready for paint!

I cant even begin to talk about the sheer frustration I am feeling at this time. This last few weeks to the finish line is doing my head in and while I strive to make sure everyone is happy ........ I have reached the stage where I just want to scream :


At least Chris The Scottish Builder has sent us some pics! He is definately getting better isnt he?

I do so love a Nook & Waterproofing in the Bathroom

Brendan our AirCon Dude from Cross Air has installed all our Air Conditioners so that is ANOTHER job out of the way. Pretty neat and tidy job huh?

Main Bedroom Hitachi Unit

Units mounted outside

We had confirmation today that all our screens and doors ~ from Absolute Security will be installed on the 8th October. Adam has been amazing and damn if he is not working round all the little ups and downs involved with a Long Distance Renovation.
It also seems all our Upstairs Waterproofing has been done today and the Tile Bed is done tomorrow in preparation for the TILING!!!!
Then of course the Bathroom Cabinet ~2 pack Cupboard with Black Rock Stone Top and Square Basin goes in on Thursday!
Today we have a Removalist coming to quote and we hope to lock that in ~ it seems all the ones I have contacted have no time to get back to us ........ so it looks like this one may be the one!

Oh my this is starting to get super exciting!

Till Next Week

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Show me the MONEY

A short one today about manners and money.

I would like all the Tradies to give me lets say .... $50,000? Or $3000 or even a deposit of $1500? ....... THEIR money ...... money they have worked hard for.
I will then take their money and not bother to email, phone or even text message them a simple

"got it thx"
"I have finished your ... (insert whatever here)"
"Going well pic to follow"

Doing a Long Distance Renovation means basically we cant see ANYTHING. So ~ we watch the aforementioned money going out of our account .... we spend literally hours on the phone sorting out so called "issues"and we see NOTHING.

You do get the odd one who lets you know whats happening but overall? ............ NOTHING.

We do understand being busy but it would be brilliant to know whats going on ..........
I cannot even begin to describe how excited we get when one of them does send us a phone picture........ its not a biggie ~ just keep us in the loop is all we ask.

It is just 4 weeks till we walk through our new front door and see where all this stress and drama has gone ....

Will you join me on The Zen Balcony for a chilled glass of something refreshing?

Try and .........

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Fabulous Renovation ~ Week 13

Week 13 has come around and I was right when I said I would go into a blind panic and think ~ OH CRAP WE ONLY HAVE 5 WEEKS!!!!!
Spent the weekend doing furniture so it is ready to go straight in when we arrive..

Fs Vintage ~The Shop

We were discussing the new  fs vintage  shop and I have to say out loud ~ although I probably will regret it and hear about it for a month ....

Mr Fab is brilliant!!! For some bizarre reason he seems to be able to think of the little details which somehow alude me.
(I like to think it is because my head is full of other more creative things ......? *cough* probably not.)

We were discussing how we will set up the Shop and had an idea for the "counter" and also The Opening Night.
We decided we will have an Opening Night when we are settled and invite you all to come along and have a squizzy at what we have done to create a little bit of Fabulousness in our home. Mr Fab suggested we ask the local TAFE ~ do they cater? Of course they would so that has now gone on my To Do List for when we have basically settled in.

He is absolutely glowing with delight and joy at the moment because ........ The Man Deck has a roof and fans AND lights. He is anticipating his first refreshing beverage while surveying his Castle  .....

It still looks small to me but Mr Fab is happy

View from our Neighbors yard ~

Quite a productive week all round ~The Floors are locked in and we have decided to use Brisbane Floor Sanding and Polishing. We chatted to the wonderful Hesham who will be doing his thing from Monday 30th of September. The floors need at least a few days before being walked on and we will have to speak to the Blind and Floor chap to ask can he wear socks over his shoes please?
We have booked our blinds and the downstairs floors for the week of the 7th of October and in a perfect Renovation world ............ bahahahahahahahahaha........ Everyone will cross over without running into each other.
I have everything that can be crossed ~ firmly crossed that it all works out in the end.
Jason The Tiler is going in on Wednesday of this week to start the Upstairs Bathroom and Toilet *squeal with delight* I honestly did not think I would ever get so insanely excited about tiling .... but I am. So lets be honest ~ maybe we can only afford Marble in the border tile but the point is ~ we will have marble in the Bathroom ... *swoon*
It is still doing Mr Fabs head in a leetle bit that we are doing such a dramatic Black and White theme. I have to keep gently patting him and mentioning his Man Deck, cold Beverage, Feel The Serenity ........ that seems to calm him down and divert his attention.
Our only hold ups so far have been the : ~ Plasterer went on holidays so we cant get the Painting done till he returns and the Downstairs Bathroom has come to a complete stop.


The Upstairs is pretty much done except of course The Plastering which leads to the Painting. The kitchen is so close I can almost smell the muffins baking ........ actually that is impossible because it is a well known fact that I simply suck at baking muffins no matter how easy peasy a recipe is. Feel free to send me your Fail Safe Recipes as others have before you ~ so I can effectively ruin them. Must be a mental block .....

Progress of Upstairs ~See my new shiny fan?

The Downstairs Bathroom is a huge job ~ very labor intensive with concrete needing to be dug out for a shower waste trench, fixtures to be fitted and whatever Plumbers do to them, installation of the Laundry Bench and sink, Villaboard for the floor to ceiling tiles, plaster board (*see Plasterer on holidays) ceiling install and painted.
Appliances are booked for delivery so we are contacting everyone concerned to try and have a Time Frame in case we need to bring in anyone else ( MORE money *shudder*).
Today is a day full of lock down on the New Coffee Table,  King Size Bed *swoonworthy* , chat to Paul the Kitchen Dude to find out when he is installing and the booking in of our movers.
The house here looks like a badly managed Storage Facility with boxes and painted furniture everywhere so I am slowly going a little bit insane with antici ............ pation.
(Did I mention the one poster Print that survived the Rental Era of our Home was our Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie Poster? Still looks as Fabulous as it did when I first had it framed.....)

The Electrician was spoken to last night and he only has about 5 hours of work left including fitting the New Lights, moving the plug in the bathroom ( Ok ok I didn't even think about the 80's corner cabinet and where the plug was so had to make some mad Sunday Night Phone calls to sort that out) and little fit offs to complete the Kitchen. I have a list now and every single time I think of something ~ I write it down. I am really trying not to second guess and let my mind wander to things it shouldn't ~ like : Did I make the right choice in Floor and Wall tiles in the Bathrooms and will it look dodgy?. This leads to me up at 1.24am on a Date with Mr Google looking for pictures of Bathrooms with Floor to Ceiling tiles to make sure I have NOT made the wrong choice so I can sleep ......

All things come to those who manage to wait .....

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Fabulous Renovation Week 12 ~ Over it.

Yep ~ Over it. Long distance renovating sucks. I mean SUCKS. Over the weekend I had another mini meltdown. I am 12 hours away and I have no idea what has been done or is to be done or when it is being done or how it is being done.
I call everyone who needs to be called and maybe 5 phone calls later it turns out to be a tiny little thing that they could have fixed themselves ....... if they talk to each other.
Nutty concept huh?
Monday morning dawned and basically the phone started at around 6.30 am and didn't stop till 3.00 pm in the afternoon. It was one problem after another and by the end I simply wanted to curl up and sleep for a month.........

So lets recap on where we are and use our Positive Can Do Approach .........

All the appliances are done and ready to be delivered on the 14th of October. We needed quite a few like a new Fridge / Dishwasher / Microwave and various other necessities ................. OK OK OK ........ I admit ~ a luxury new LG 50 inch LCD TV because apparently size does matter .......... In the end I went with the LG stainless steel washer .... because it is serious cool ....

LG Washer ~ Image via Google

The Great Appliance Purchase was interesting in itself ... again Long Distance. I did all the Googling I could then called a couple of places back and forth with prices until we had what we think is a great deal. It has been so long since we purchased any kind of appliance we thought delivery was ... wait for it ..... $25.00 ish?

I laugh at $25.00 ish

We eventually went with The Good Guys at their Carseldine store. The customer service was awesome and they even call to advise when your B Payment has been received? Oh my my ~ customer service? Yes indeed. Paul was terrific and once we had established our budget and adopted a Give a little / Take a little can do attitude? The whole process was easy peasy.

All the internal doors were fitted this week with the Fabulous Scents Vintage shop door being done on Wednesday.
The Man Deck Roof is also scheduled to be fitted on Wednesday and I can let you know .... Mr Fab is a wee bit excited.
Mat The Painter called in to see what he has to do and looks like starting his part in 2 weeks.
Jason The Tiler has cleared his diary to get cracking over the weekend and Ryan The Plumber is finishing all his little plumby bits.
Both Bathrooms will be completely covered in Villaboard as we have an obsession with wet areas and a need to ensure there is no leaks or water getting in anywhere.

The Kitchen Kitchen Plans is in the Machine Shop being cut and the doors are at the 2 Packer being ..... 2 Packed.

Our Blinds are on track and Cheryl from  DezineABlinds has assured me she will organise everything needed for the Blinds to be installed in the week before we move in ..... Not sure on that one. I like to think it will happen but I am not confident. How nice would it be to arrive at 7.30am on Monday 14th and find a clean and sparkly house with everything installed and we basically only have to drop our bags and make a cuppa ...... *cough* Okkkkkkkk it is nice to Dream a little .......

But ya never never know ..........

Vintage Quart Mason Soy Candle ~ Kate Redmond Photography

In between all this ~ Keeping up with Customer Orders and establishing contacts for the New Industrial section of our business ....... fs vintage. We will always do our Mason Soy Candles ~ it's what we do but we both felt a new direction is needed. We have found the most amazing selection of Industrial and unique home wares to add to the range and have fingers firmly crossed after spending many a long night finding just the right products to have in our shop.

All the Plaster Boarding is done and waiting for the Setter to do his bit so Mat The Painter can go in and paint everything Antique White USA.
Maybe. We used this the last time we painted and after 7 years and god knows how many Tenants ~ some of the walls still looked pretty darn good. That was good enough for me. Plus I really like how that color seems to pick up the accent color you use in a room .....

*pffftttttttttttttttttt snort* Listen to me ~ sounding like I know what I am doing ......

Of course the Calm before the proverbial storm lulled me into a false sense of security as I thought I might even take some time today to read a book or watch a movie ..........This mornings nutty and zany shenaigans have included ~

* All our tiles dropped in the middle of the garage so now the Builder cant get the roof sheets past ...
* Tile delivery driver wont return to put them where they are supposed to be even though we paid for it
 (* Note to self never to use that guy)
* Tile place refunding delivery cost ( Excellent customer service)
* Apprentice putting wrong board on Bathroom roof so needs to be redone.
* Mr Fab having a meltdown thinking all the internal doors have key locks and that looks "disgusting"..
* Confirming with Builder about Door handles 
* Have a panic attack about the Fridge not fitting into the kitchen
* Confirming Fridge will fit in kitchen ~ heaving sigh of relief
* Race to Coles for ingredients to try a new dish ( WHAT was I thinking)
* Race home and prepare new dish ( Again ~WHAT was I thinking)
* Answer 9 messages about zany shenanigans
* Sort out shenanigans
* Look at mess in current kitchen 
* Book in for a nervous breakdown

Made a decision this morning as I almost tore my own hair out ~ On Wednesday the 16th of October ~ I am going to rise from my awesome new  King Size Bed ~ cook Mr Fab some bacon and eggs ~ prepare a scrumptious Croissant with I am thinking maybe some delicious raspberry jam? ~ Pour two glasses of chilled Orange Juice taken from the New Samsung Fridge ~ take the Coffee Pot full of freshly brewed peculated coffee and walk out of the new ManDeck door to just sit and chill for maybe an hour?

We will sip our Beverages, partake of a delicious breakfast with all accompanying condiments and look out over the view toward The Mountains.

We shall laugh uproariously at all the Dramas with The Fabulous Scents Vintage Renovation Nightmare.......

Like I said ~It's nice to dream a little ....

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage