Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Fabulous Renovation Week 12 ~ Over it.

Yep ~ Over it. Long distance renovating sucks. I mean SUCKS. Over the weekend I had another mini meltdown. I am 12 hours away and I have no idea what has been done or is to be done or when it is being done or how it is being done.
I call everyone who needs to be called and maybe 5 phone calls later it turns out to be a tiny little thing that they could have fixed themselves ....... if they talk to each other.
Nutty concept huh?
Monday morning dawned and basically the phone started at around 6.30 am and didn't stop till 3.00 pm in the afternoon. It was one problem after another and by the end I simply wanted to curl up and sleep for a month.........

So lets recap on where we are and use our Positive Can Do Approach .........

All the appliances are done and ready to be delivered on the 14th of October. We needed quite a few like a new Fridge / Dishwasher / Microwave and various other necessities ................. OK OK OK ........ I admit ~ a luxury new LG 50 inch LCD TV because apparently size does matter .......... In the end I went with the LG stainless steel washer .... because it is serious cool ....

LG Washer ~ Image via Google

The Great Appliance Purchase was interesting in itself ... again Long Distance. I did all the Googling I could then called a couple of places back and forth with prices until we had what we think is a great deal. It has been so long since we purchased any kind of appliance we thought delivery was ... wait for it ..... $25.00 ish?

I laugh at $25.00 ish

We eventually went with The Good Guys at their Carseldine store. The customer service was awesome and they even call to advise when your B Payment has been received? Oh my my ~ customer service? Yes indeed. Paul was terrific and once we had established our budget and adopted a Give a little / Take a little can do attitude? The whole process was easy peasy.

All the internal doors were fitted this week with the Fabulous Scents Vintage shop door being done on Wednesday.
The Man Deck Roof is also scheduled to be fitted on Wednesday and I can let you know .... Mr Fab is a wee bit excited.
Mat The Painter called in to see what he has to do and looks like starting his part in 2 weeks.
Jason The Tiler has cleared his diary to get cracking over the weekend and Ryan The Plumber is finishing all his little plumby bits.
Both Bathrooms will be completely covered in Villaboard as we have an obsession with wet areas and a need to ensure there is no leaks or water getting in anywhere.

The Kitchen Kitchen Plans is in the Machine Shop being cut and the doors are at the 2 Packer being ..... 2 Packed.

Our Blinds are on track and Cheryl from  DezineABlinds has assured me she will organise everything needed for the Blinds to be installed in the week before we move in ..... Not sure on that one. I like to think it will happen but I am not confident. How nice would it be to arrive at 7.30am on Monday 14th and find a clean and sparkly house with everything installed and we basically only have to drop our bags and make a cuppa ...... *cough* Okkkkkkkk it is nice to Dream a little .......

But ya never never know ..........

Vintage Quart Mason Soy Candle ~ Kate Redmond Photography

In between all this ~ Keeping up with Customer Orders and establishing contacts for the New Industrial section of our business ....... fs vintage. We will always do our Mason Soy Candles ~ it's what we do but we both felt a new direction is needed. We have found the most amazing selection of Industrial and unique home wares to add to the range and have fingers firmly crossed after spending many a long night finding just the right products to have in our shop.

All the Plaster Boarding is done and waiting for the Setter to do his bit so Mat The Painter can go in and paint everything Antique White USA.
Maybe. We used this the last time we painted and after 7 years and god knows how many Tenants ~ some of the walls still looked pretty darn good. That was good enough for me. Plus I really like how that color seems to pick up the accent color you use in a room .....

*pffftttttttttttttttttt snort* Listen to me ~ sounding like I know what I am doing ......

Of course the Calm before the proverbial storm lulled me into a false sense of security as I thought I might even take some time today to read a book or watch a movie ..........This mornings nutty and zany shenaigans have included ~

* All our tiles dropped in the middle of the garage so now the Builder cant get the roof sheets past ...
* Tile delivery driver wont return to put them where they are supposed to be even though we paid for it
 (* Note to self never to use that guy)
* Tile place refunding delivery cost ( Excellent customer service)
* Apprentice putting wrong board on Bathroom roof so needs to be redone.
* Mr Fab having a meltdown thinking all the internal doors have key locks and that looks "disgusting"..
* Confirming with Builder about Door handles 
* Have a panic attack about the Fridge not fitting into the kitchen
* Confirming Fridge will fit in kitchen ~ heaving sigh of relief
* Race to Coles for ingredients to try a new dish ( WHAT was I thinking)
* Race home and prepare new dish ( Again ~WHAT was I thinking)
* Answer 9 messages about zany shenanigans
* Sort out shenanigans
* Look at mess in current kitchen 
* Book in for a nervous breakdown

Made a decision this morning as I almost tore my own hair out ~ On Wednesday the 16th of October ~ I am going to rise from my awesome new  King Size Bed ~ cook Mr Fab some bacon and eggs ~ prepare a scrumptious Croissant with I am thinking maybe some delicious raspberry jam? ~ Pour two glasses of chilled Orange Juice taken from the New Samsung Fridge ~ take the Coffee Pot full of freshly brewed peculated coffee and walk out of the new ManDeck door to just sit and chill for maybe an hour?

We will sip our Beverages, partake of a delicious breakfast with all accompanying condiments and look out over the view toward The Mountains.

We shall laugh uproariously at all the Dramas with The Fabulous Scents Vintage Renovation Nightmare.......

Like I said ~It's nice to dream a little ....

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage



  1. Oh my, I had to laugh a little. Ok, a lot! I'm sure it will be fabulous (!) in the end. The one suggestion I have though is that breakfast on 16 October should also include some lovely bubbly, chilled in that new fridge. Good luck with it all xx

    1. Ohhhhh my goodness ~ yes yes YES. Perfectly Fabulous idea! Thanks Caz!

  2. Ahh, the joys of renovating! We've had a few hiccups ourselves, but it all works out in the end. Love your choice of paint colour - I would have selected it myself (but I left the paint selection up to my architect this time around.) xx

    1. *lol* Hmmm people keep saying that I just have to wait to see if it is true. Love your use of the dead space ~ got me planning more things till I soundly slapped myself.