Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Show me the MONEY

A short one today about manners and money.

I would like all the Tradies to give me lets say .... $50,000? Or $3000 or even a deposit of $1500? ....... THEIR money ...... money they have worked hard for.
I will then take their money and not bother to email, phone or even text message them a simple

"got it thx"
"I have finished your ... (insert whatever here)"
"Going well pic to follow"

Doing a Long Distance Renovation means basically we cant see ANYTHING. So ~ we watch the aforementioned money going out of our account .... we spend literally hours on the phone sorting out so called "issues"and we see NOTHING.

You do get the odd one who lets you know whats happening but overall? ............ NOTHING.

We do understand being busy but it would be brilliant to know whats going on ..........
I cannot even begin to describe how excited we get when one of them does send us a phone picture........ its not a biggie ~ just keep us in the loop is all we ask.

It is just 4 weeks till we walk through our new front door and see where all this stress and drama has gone ....

Will you join me on The Zen Balcony for a chilled glass of something refreshing?

Try and .........

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage


  1. Wow four weeks will fly by............Cant wait to see all the photos once finished. Bet if there was no monies till job well done you would receive more updates.