Monday, 30 September 2013

Week 16 and 2 to go .....

Week 16 is officially here and today is SUPPOSED to be the Benchtop install day ~ along with Floor sanding. In the last week I have not been able to sleep. Seriously bad disjointed dozing is more accurate as my mind is full of ridiculous stuff that does me in at 2 am. So ~ in an effort to refocus I decided to update this Blog as I love woffling on about the comings and goings and doings of FS VINTAGE and love that you read. I had to figure out how to add those cute little icons on top of the About Us bit ............
I must be the most non computer savvy geek on the planet as I could NOT figure out the whole HTML? whatever it is code thingy. I was awake at 2 am so thought I may as well put my awakeness to good use. Around 6.30 am ~ it all finally lined up and worked.
*serne smile*

I felt like a bonafide Computer Geek at that stage ........

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The week dawned bright and clear so I began what has become a Monday Morning Tradition by making my round of Phone Calls. God forbid anyone calls me ~ so I call them.
It appears The Kitchen ~ which should have been in at least 2 weeks ago ~ is again delayed because the Kitchen Sink did not arrive. Keep in mind ~ I didn't make the install dates or the "I can fit that" Date. These people told me over and over that this would be done and that would be finished by such and such a date. After confirming a heap of times ~ I would THEN go and book whatever else needed doing in line with them. To be fair ~ I do understand when things go wrong .... when life or the weather gets in the way ...... but I have to admit I am a leetle bit over not being informed of what is happening. I am a serious easy going gal but you know what? Reached the end of my tether people. It is a very very long tether and I am at the end .........
I had the Floor Sander on the phone in a blind panic because he was stressed about the Floors being damaged by Trades who go in after him. Then Chris The Builder on the phone trying to sort out who should have done what over the weekend. No work can be done upstairs now till after Friday as the Floors need to set before anyone walks on them. They must also use Drop Sheets and wear NO SHOES so as not to damage the newly polished timber. I know one thing for absolute certainty ~ damage it love?
Pay for it.
All the Trades I could contact assured me they are professionals and have dealt with polished timber floors before and will not make so much as a whisper of a mark .......

*Blink Blink*

It all goes back to Mates Rates

Kitchen from ManDeck

The Tiler did not answer any of my calls over the weekend ~ I had extra tiles lined up but could not find him and as of 5.30am on Tuesday I still have had no answer to any calls or Txt messages. The Floor Sander had to do a far bigger job ( originally the floors were not that bad and needed a light sand) as The Painter had not used Drop sheets so the entire floor was white and he had to sand to the very edges to get it all ready for sealing. It also seems the painting is NOT finished so the Floor Sander was having a nervous breakdown about them all damaging his work. But The Painter is not finished because The Tiler had his tools and tiles in one of the bedrooms and he has not finished for whatever reason .......
The Kitchen BenchTop is apparently going in on Friday now ~ along with the Bathroom and Laundry ~ and I wondered out loud when someone was going to CALL us?
It appears there is also a massive hole in the Lounge Room which is NOT as we thought finished because apparently The Plasterer has not finished ........ because ~ and remember folks I am going on hesay and theysay ~ someone else has not done what they had to do.
On top top of all this? There is also apparently NO ROOM  in the garage as all the Trades have simply dumped whatever rubbish they had ..... exactly where they last had it.
Which leads me to finally finding out the answer to the interesting question:


Guest Bedroom Painted

Who Does The Rubbish?

It appears in the Renovating Rule Book ~ When you use a Builder for your entire Reno and he provides the Trades then he will have a skip bin or dispose of the Rubbish. When you have to use a Builder and find your own Trades then those aforementioned Trades simply dump their rubbish where they want and YOU are responsible but lets get 16 weeks into a Build before we let someone know shall we?

Then late last night when I thought the entire day could not have anything else happen ..... The Electrician called to say he had forgotten to write in his diary when I booked him 4 weeks ago via email and confirmed ................ he had booked flights so could not come to finish the Electrical work on the pre booked four weeks ago confirmed date .........

As ya do.

I have decided I must be the most old fashioned and daggyiest person on the Planet ~when I say I am going to do something? I do it.

Bit tired of all the excuses people ~ Do your job can you? Just get on with it.

I did call The Blind People and also mentioned I wont be paying the entire balance until the three windows downstairs are finished. Yep ~ because the Plasterer didn't finish ..... The Plumber didn't finish .... The Tiler still has to Waterproof .... so the Painter can finish ~ after The Setter finishes .... so the Blind people can measure for a blind that will take 8 weeks from whenever they finally get to measure and must be in by the second week in October to beat The Christmas Cut off ........

On a Brighter Note? I sent a massive missive via Text to The Downstairs Floor chap about what is happening and his reply?

"All Good"

He is coming in next week ~the last 6 days before we move back home to do the Downstairs Floors and install the Plantation Shutters and it is ...... "All Good".

Let's just wait and see .......

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

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