Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Restyled & Fabulous

As I have been packing everything up to go home I have been coming up with ways to recycle and save money.
I had spent the weekend cleaning up an old standard glass top outdoor setting we have which has sat outside in the blazing Moranbah sun for a few years now and is the worse for wear ~ BUT ~ still has a few BBQ's left I am sure. Nothing flash ~ nothing spectacular or Ohhhhh Ahhhhhh worthy but serviceable.
A couple of the cushion covers have definately seen better days so I popped on to Google to see what the cost of replacements are so we could use this on The Mandeck till we find exactly the one we want.


The cushions would cost more than the actual entire Outdoor setting???? Its just to sit at for a refreshing beverage and a bite to eat for goodness sake!

So ~ I remembered these ....... actually I remembered these at about 2 am when my brain was still in overdrive....

Coffee sacks

Hmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder....... Could I?

Yes indeed I could!

The new chair cover!

1 x Old Outdoor setting resurrected with Coffee sack covers ~Just a little bit Fabulous?

What do you think?

Stay Fabulous

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