Monday, 16 September 2013

Week 14 ~ Hello Kitchen Week

Ohhhh yeah ~ Finally after all this time ~ it is KITCHEN WEEK!!!!! On the 19th of September our kitchen will be installed. (Along with the Bathroom cabinet)


We made a last minute decision to change the Laundry cabinet top to stone last week and our wonderful kitchen Dude ~ Paul from Starkey Christoe Kitchens made it happen. We just thought if the rest of the house was stone tops then we may as well go the whole hog and ~ DO IT!
There have been hold ups and it all goes back to the whole Mates Rates thing. The Downstairs Guest Shower and Laundry Room is not finished due to other commitments by our tradie so the walls cannot be finished which means the Plasterer cant finish which means the Tiler cant finish which means the painter cant finish and so it goes on ..... I said from the get go I did not want to have to use the Mates System but unfortunately we had no choice. To be fair ~ the Lads have done an amazing job and we cannot wait to see their work! So ~ we have contacted Paul and asked for the Laundry cabinet to be postponed till the 27th September and have fingers crossed it is all done and ready to be finished by then.

Downstairs Guest Area

fs vintage shop all plaster boarded and ready for paint!

I cant even begin to talk about the sheer frustration I am feeling at this time. This last few weeks to the finish line is doing my head in and while I strive to make sure everyone is happy ........ I have reached the stage where I just want to scream :


At least Chris The Scottish Builder has sent us some pics! He is definately getting better isnt he?

I do so love a Nook & Waterproofing in the Bathroom

Brendan our AirCon Dude from Cross Air has installed all our Air Conditioners so that is ANOTHER job out of the way. Pretty neat and tidy job huh?

Main Bedroom Hitachi Unit

Units mounted outside

We had confirmation today that all our screens and doors ~ from Absolute Security will be installed on the 8th October. Adam has been amazing and damn if he is not working round all the little ups and downs involved with a Long Distance Renovation.
It also seems all our Upstairs Waterproofing has been done today and the Tile Bed is done tomorrow in preparation for the TILING!!!!
Then of course the Bathroom Cabinet ~2 pack Cupboard with Black Rock Stone Top and Square Basin goes in on Thursday!
Today we have a Removalist coming to quote and we hope to lock that in ~ it seems all the ones I have contacted have no time to get back to us ........ so it looks like this one may be the one!

Oh my this is starting to get super exciting!

Till Next Week

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage


  1. Kitchens are the biggest renovations, trust me I know exactly what you are going through! There is so much planning that once the kitchen starts to go in you'll be doing a happy dance around the place. Cant wait to see it all come together :)

    1. And today we were informed our Kitchen has not been finished due to rain and the Humidity Blisters that form when there is rain..... sigh ..... So it has been postponed. The kitchen people are working very hard to ensure it is done in the next week as we have the floor chap coming in on the 30th EEEK!