Sunday, 8 September 2013

Fabulous Renovation ~ Week 13

Week 13 has come around and I was right when I said I would go into a blind panic and think ~ OH CRAP WE ONLY HAVE 5 WEEKS!!!!!
Spent the weekend doing furniture so it is ready to go straight in when we arrive..

Fs Vintage ~The Shop

We were discussing the new  fs vintage  shop and I have to say out loud ~ although I probably will regret it and hear about it for a month ....

Mr Fab is brilliant!!! For some bizarre reason he seems to be able to think of the little details which somehow alude me.
(I like to think it is because my head is full of other more creative things ......? *cough* probably not.)

We were discussing how we will set up the Shop and had an idea for the "counter" and also The Opening Night.
We decided we will have an Opening Night when we are settled and invite you all to come along and have a squizzy at what we have done to create a little bit of Fabulousness in our home. Mr Fab suggested we ask the local TAFE ~ do they cater? Of course they would so that has now gone on my To Do List for when we have basically settled in.

He is absolutely glowing with delight and joy at the moment because ........ The Man Deck has a roof and fans AND lights. He is anticipating his first refreshing beverage while surveying his Castle  .....

It still looks small to me but Mr Fab is happy

View from our Neighbors yard ~

Quite a productive week all round ~The Floors are locked in and we have decided to use Brisbane Floor Sanding and Polishing. We chatted to the wonderful Hesham who will be doing his thing from Monday 30th of September. The floors need at least a few days before being walked on and we will have to speak to the Blind and Floor chap to ask can he wear socks over his shoes please?
We have booked our blinds and the downstairs floors for the week of the 7th of October and in a perfect Renovation world ............ bahahahahahahahahaha........ Everyone will cross over without running into each other.
I have everything that can be crossed ~ firmly crossed that it all works out in the end.
Jason The Tiler is going in on Wednesday of this week to start the Upstairs Bathroom and Toilet *squeal with delight* I honestly did not think I would ever get so insanely excited about tiling .... but I am. So lets be honest ~ maybe we can only afford Marble in the border tile but the point is ~ we will have marble in the Bathroom ... *swoon*
It is still doing Mr Fabs head in a leetle bit that we are doing such a dramatic Black and White theme. I have to keep gently patting him and mentioning his Man Deck, cold Beverage, Feel The Serenity ........ that seems to calm him down and divert his attention.
Our only hold ups so far have been the : ~ Plasterer went on holidays so we cant get the Painting done till he returns and the Downstairs Bathroom has come to a complete stop.


The Upstairs is pretty much done except of course The Plastering which leads to the Painting. The kitchen is so close I can almost smell the muffins baking ........ actually that is impossible because it is a well known fact that I simply suck at baking muffins no matter how easy peasy a recipe is. Feel free to send me your Fail Safe Recipes as others have before you ~ so I can effectively ruin them. Must be a mental block .....

Progress of Upstairs ~See my new shiny fan?

The Downstairs Bathroom is a huge job ~ very labor intensive with concrete needing to be dug out for a shower waste trench, fixtures to be fitted and whatever Plumbers do to them, installation of the Laundry Bench and sink, Villaboard for the floor to ceiling tiles, plaster board (*see Plasterer on holidays) ceiling install and painted.
Appliances are booked for delivery so we are contacting everyone concerned to try and have a Time Frame in case we need to bring in anyone else ( MORE money *shudder*).
Today is a day full of lock down on the New Coffee Table,  King Size Bed *swoonworthy* , chat to Paul the Kitchen Dude to find out when he is installing and the booking in of our movers.
The house here looks like a badly managed Storage Facility with boxes and painted furniture everywhere so I am slowly going a little bit insane with antici ............ pation.
(Did I mention the one poster Print that survived the Rental Era of our Home was our Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie Poster? Still looks as Fabulous as it did when I first had it framed.....)

The Electrician was spoken to last night and he only has about 5 hours of work left including fitting the New Lights, moving the plug in the bathroom ( Ok ok I didn't even think about the 80's corner cabinet and where the plug was so had to make some mad Sunday Night Phone calls to sort that out) and little fit offs to complete the Kitchen. I have a list now and every single time I think of something ~ I write it down. I am really trying not to second guess and let my mind wander to things it shouldn't ~ like : Did I make the right choice in Floor and Wall tiles in the Bathrooms and will it look dodgy?. This leads to me up at 1.24am on a Date with Mr Google looking for pictures of Bathrooms with Floor to Ceiling tiles to make sure I have NOT made the wrong choice so I can sleep ......

All things come to those who manage to wait .....

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage


  1. You've made lots of progress, hang in there you can see the light at the end of the tunnel now! An opening night sounds a like a great idea :)

  2. A lot has been achieved, and really five weeks will literally fly! And I thought I was the only crazy woman out there 'Googling" at ungodly hours of the night, ha. xx

    1. *lol* Nope ~its when I do my best googling.You find really cool stuff!

  3. Your house looks very similar to our last place - we were in Arana Hills. It'll come up beautifully! Loving the ceiling fan on the deck, such a great idea.

    1. Fingers crossed Edwina! We are at Bracken Ridge.