Monday, 30 September 2013

Distract me ....... please ....

I have decided to take the Fat Mum Slim Photo Challenge. A pleasant distraction from Drama .....


 Day 1: Something Colourful

Yeah Yeah ~ I know its kinda sorta still about packing as this is on the wall waiting to be wrapped up but it has distracted me for a bit and let me find my Zen .....

Day 2 ~ Light

I suck at photography but I like doing it ....... 

Day 3: Me Today

Day 4: In Motion

Stay Fabulous

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  1. I am joining in with this for the first time this month as well. Have just posted to my facebook page but may do a weekly rap on the blog as well. Im a little nervous about it I dont feel like I take very good photos but hope that this will encourage me to improve on my photo taking skills :)

    1. First time for me to! I wouldn't worry to much ~have you looked at mine???? Pffftttttt I am doing it for fun and a distraction and to practice my photo skills!