Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Awww come on ~ you are kidding right?

So it has been another couple of days where I have spent hours on the phone sorting things out.
But lets recap.
Finally had all the Tradies return my calls and messages and tell me they are all on track ~ hope it stays that way.They are all telling me they will be done by Monday.
Kitchen Stone Tops have been confirmed AGAIN  for this Friday along with the Bathroom and Downstairs Laundry / Guest Bathroom.

Our Floors have been finished and OH MY GAWD! They are seriously fabulous and we are super impressed with Hesham from  Brisbane Floor Sanding & Polishing  He not only calls on completion, he also sends you text messages to update during the process AND in our case with the whole Long Distance thing ~ SENDS PICTURES!!



The floors were an absolute mess when he arrived as no drop sheets or protection was even thought about because the Trades all assumed they were being repolished so why worry?


To Heshams credit he took it in his stride but a pretty easy job with minimal damage ~ maybe a light sand and re coat? ..... Turned into a monumental job with a massive amount of sanding and then coating. He has signs everywhere and I have sent long and boring / nagging text messages to all concerned and asked them to Become Fairies ..... To float like Fairies .... to think like gentle delicate Fairies. I also suggested maybe they could pretend it is THEIR floors they are floating Fairy like above and being Fairy gentle and using Fairy dust drop sheets and covers on their tools ......I have also made it very very clear ~ Damage it? Then YOU pay for the repair ..... look at the next pictures and tell me it is seriously not the most swoonworthy floor .....

Leading into the Guest Bedroom near Toilet and Bathroom

Our Bedroom
The lounge looking into Book Nook

The Stairs *faint with joy*

The Stairs initially caused a bit of a ruckus as I said I wanted them "Hamptons Style". We had brand new stairs installed so why not make them Fabulous? This will be the VERY first thing you see when you come in for a visit to either FS VINTAGE or ~ have arrived to simply sit on The Mandeck and relax with a beverage.
The Painter now has to go back and do the Stringers as he thought we wanted them polished ..........
I will now spend the next 5 days worrying myself sick and it could have been avoided ~ if everyone had stuck to their time frames ......

But it is a Renovation and none of it is meant to go smoothly is it? All the above pictures are with the first two coats applied and the next one is with the final coat which will dull down to a semi gloss which is what we wanted. 

*Blissful sigh* The Kitchen Floor.

Tonight has also been interesting. We were looking at The Lounge Looking into Book Nook picture when I said to Mr Fab ....

Me: Hmm wheres the plug for the TV?
Mr Fab: Should be on that wall *makes picture bigger*
Me: There is no plug or TV Ariel socket
Mr Fab: *scoff* There has to be
Me: Nope
Us: *blink blink*

I sent the Sparky a text message after checking the multitude of fully paid invoices and it now appears there are Two Phases of Electrical work ~ Phase One is putting in the wires and Phase Two is pulling them all through and doing the plugs / outlets ........ 

 Awwwwwww come on ~ you are kidding right?

Our Electrician had changed the appointment we booked and confirmed so basically we would not have been able to set up the TV or DVD player for another three days after we move in ..... not a biggie in the Grand Scheme Of Life but we were both a bit excited to have finally brought a little luxury ~ a new TV for the first time in 7 years ......

Rebooked for him to go to the house on Friday .........

I have to hose down and clean the Zen Balcony because of the dust and dirt before I can go out there and be Zen .......... Just sayin

12 Days to go folks ~12 days to go.

 Is it ok to buy wine by the case?

Stay Fabulous

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  1. Your floors look absolutely beautiful! I love how the tradies sent you progress photos, very thoughtful. I will be showing off my floors soon as well we have just sanded and sealed them in the kitchen ... I love how they come up with a good coat of oil as smooth as a babys bum!

    1. Thanks Michelle! Initially we were going high gloss then decided on a semi gloss so scuffs and stuff don't show as much. Dexter has sharp claws as well! Really looking forward to seeing your floors!