Wednesday, 9 October 2013

It's Time to go ..............

Yep ~ 3 days left here in The Bah ~ It has been an interesting 7 odd years in a small town I can tell you! Made some amazing friends and learned some very very valuable lessons.
I like to think ~ those lessons made me a better person?

I hope so!

The final days are here and our Trades are running around making sure it is all done to perfection. I was chatting to Mat The Painter last night and asked him was he proud of what he had done?

I asked him how he felt about taking a tired old girl with good bones and a huge heart ~ and turning her into a Supermodel!

Check out these quick snaps!

Black & White

Excited to try the Rain Forest Shower!

The Welcome to Our Home!

One of the main reasons we decided to begin The Long Distance Renovation was because this house is a GOOD house. The rooms are slightly bigger than the average standard high set 80's Queenslander and it was fully contained underneath. The area is very nice and our views from the ManDeck are brilliant.
Since the first day we walked through our Old Girl 14 year ago we just felt ....... well we just felt like we were .......


Our latest update tells us the Rangehood has been fitted / Electrician is finishing on Friday / Jase The Tiler just has to grout the Kitchen splashback / Downstairs Floors go in today / Last of the Blinds today / Screens are finished/ Doors are on and Mat informed us the only shoe print marked part of our beautiful  floors is in the lounge section. He actually wiped the stairs down to make sure they were all ok ~ Bless him.

We have learned so much and while I am quick to say I will never do it again ~ I have a feeling I may change my mind. I love seeing how our Home has changed.

Sunday is almost here ......

Stay Fabulous

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