Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Absent but still here .....

It has been an amazing, frustrating and emotional time since my last post. I am back on deck and working hard to have the new shop up and running as soon as possible. So lets recap on whats been happing here at Casa Fabulous shall we?
We left Moranbah on Sunday October  13th and drove through the night to arrive at Ballynde Street in the early hours of Monday morning ~ around 3am.
With mounting trepidation and excitement we opened our shiny new front door and walked inside to finally ~  after 18 weeks ~ see what all the money, drama and stress had become......
Both of us walked around for about 30 minutes not saying anything as we were in complete and utter shock.

The house was dreadful and while there were no tears or tantrums ~ the disappointment was literally crushing. Remember Hesham from Brisbane Floor Sanding & Polishing beautiful floors?
They were white ~ covered in plaster dust and boot prints, sneaker prints and various other prints I could not identify ( remind me never to become a CSI as I would fail miserably identifying clues)
The kitchen benchtops were smeared and coated with the same white residue. The rubbish and CRAP in the front and back yard was indescribable.......

We set to work at about 3.30am after discovering the hard way that the Downstairs Toilet was still not finished or working after 18 weeks ......... and did not stop till late evening when we fell into bed. It has been a very very long week and a half but we are finally making some headway. Endless cleaning, endless Tradies finishing "little jobs", endless tip runs to clear away the mess and rubbish.


I could go on and on about how horrific the whole thing has been and continues to be ~ I could go on about responsibility and finishing a job properly ....... but you know what? *shrug*

Moving on ........

How bout some pics?

Before Kitchen

AFTER ~ Kitchen

Kitchen After

Best thing I ever did was remove the Dining Room.

Dining Room ~ Before

Dining Room ~After

Still learning how to use the new camera and trying to take some worthy pics to show you what we have done. I have also been revamping the old furniture and should have some before and afters tomorrow.
Yesterday Mr Fab said:

"Enough ~we need a break from all this so lets take Dexter to the Beach "

We did and it was beautiful .....

Stay Fabulous

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  1. Looks amazing, worth the chaos and dust. Now you can sit back and enjoy it for a long while.