Friday, 22 August 2014

Easy Peasy Wood Transfer

You remember the cabinet I found at the Dump? Costing $8.00? Once again good ol Websters Chalk Paint Powder came to the rescue and it came up a treat!
I have wanted to try the Wood Transfer technique for ages and as this is going in my work area it didnt matter iff I screwed it up so lets do this!


I found a video via google and simply did what they told me to do and it worked!

Find an image you would like to transfer on to the wood. I use The Graphics Fairy who has the most amazing website and can also be found on Facebook

I saw this one in my Facebook Feed and simply HAD to try it!

And a link ........French Beekeeper

Peel all the labels from an Avery Label sheet and use the side the labels would be on. Put it in your Inkjet printer. (I need to mention I tried Unistat Label sheets and Avery. Unistat sucked.)

Use the side the labels were on
Print out the image you would like and then simply press onto your wood. Gently rub over the paper to ensure the transfer has come out on your project.

I let mine dry overnight then put a layer of Léssentiel Wax over the top to seal it. You could also use a spray on sealer or good ol Feast Watson Polyseal.

Pretty easy peasy .......

I also used Google to find out how to reverse an image and had a play with our logo ......

Good Times ..........

Revamp, restore & Be Fabulous

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Let's fill a corner shall we?

Absolutely run out of room to store my Jar collection and like to keep things relatively clutter free but simply cannot bring myself to part with these vintage jars!

What to do???

Into The Garage and stood looking at a 30 odd year old corner unit that had been used to house garden crap and various bits and bods.

Pretty crappy yes?

Bloody good clean and scrape but no other prep work needed when using Websters Chalk Paint Powder.

Usual mixture of:

2 x Tablespoons of Websters Chalk Paint Powder
1 x Tablespoon of water
1 x Cup of random leftover paint that was in the garage ~cool color huh?

Second batch of Websters with Antique White USA.

I thought I would try a little bit of stripey sort of latticework. I simply put masking tape over the section I wanted to stripe up and stippled the paint on with a small brush.

Removed the masking tape and made up a washed out mix using the leftover Websters and a cloth to create a sort of wishywashy look

Door is done and ready to go on as soon as I have someone to hold it up for me ....... I tried the L'essentiel White Wax on this project as I wanted a softer look to really showcase the Jars. I kinda like the White Wax!
Not in stock at FS Vintage yet but stay tuned!

So basically we turned this :

Into this:

Using Websters & Léssentiel Wax.

Easy peasy.

Revamp, Restore & Be Fabulous.

Gimmie the news!

Here we are back safe & sound from our recent jaunt to the US of A. Two years hard work was worth it and we have already started to plan the next trip!

So back to business!

Recently we were lucky enough to find a big batch of vintage Fowler Jars from the 70's to the 90's. The jars were carefully wrapped in newspaper which I simply could not bring myself to throw away.

Boxes & Boxes of Jars along with lids & clips that I stopped counting after 100! But as usual ... I digress.

I started thinking about what could be done with aforementioned Newspapers rather than tossing this little bit of history in the bin.

How bout a decoupage Hatbox?

Materials Needed:

1 x Hatbox or similar
1 x Pack Wallpaper Paste
1 x Paintbrush
Batch of Old newspapers or anything else you like. I have also printed out some free french papers I found on the amazing The Graphics Fairy   (lovelovelove)

I slathered the wallpaper paste all over the hatbox and left to dry overnight .......

I then used my Feast Watson Poly Sealer and wiped over the entire project before again leaving overnight to dry.

Finished project ~ perfectly Fabulous for storing anything you like!

Revamp, Restore & Be Fabulous

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Retro Tip to Fabulous French

I found this retro cabinet looking a tad worse for wear with a couple of the drawers simply falling apart as we unloaded from the trailer.
Can you see the potential?

Let's do this!

Started the process with a darn good clean using my preferred method of a damp cloth with a touch of Eucalyptus oil.
I then used liquid nails & tacks to make sure all the drawers were back in working order.

Three coats on this one as it is a laminate and I was not 100 % sure how the amazing Websters would adhere .........

I need not have worried .......

I really wanted to try this Valspar Paint as my research had shown it was apparently the best product around to use with Websters Chalk Paint Powder .........


2 x Cups Valspar Day & Night Paint
4 x Tablespoons of Websters Chalk Paint Powder
2 x Tablespoons of Water

A double mixture to ensure there was nice thick coverage and I wanted to do the back and inside the drawers as well.
Have to say I am loving this paint. It glides on like a dream and the coverage is brilliant.

While having a look through Facebook I saw one of my all time favorite pages ~ Time Worn Style was selling a roll of Vintage Laura Ashley Border paper.

I knew I could find a use for something as fabulous as this so purchased and proceeded to restyle these tired old drawers. Just three .... didn't want to over do it so just three drawers.
I used a regular wallpaper paste purchased from Bunnings and mixed according to instructions. I let it dry overnight before painting over the top with our Valspar & Websters mixture.

The whole process was so easy peasy I wondered ....Was I doing something wrong????

Now for a Stencil ....... Found out I used way to much paint and you should dab or stiple rather than slather ....

 A couple of coats of Dark wax on the edges & Clear all over .....

And finally some fab 40mm crystal knobs .........

The finished project ....

Revamp, Restore & Be Fabulous