Friday, 22 August 2014

Easy Peasy Wood Transfer

You remember the cabinet I found at the Dump? Costing $8.00? Once again good ol Websters Chalk Paint Powder came to the rescue and it came up a treat!
I have wanted to try the Wood Transfer technique for ages and as this is going in my work area it didnt matter iff I screwed it up so lets do this!


I found a video via google and simply did what they told me to do and it worked!

Find an image you would like to transfer on to the wood. I use The Graphics Fairy who has the most amazing website and can also be found on Facebook

I saw this one in my Facebook Feed and simply HAD to try it!

And a link ........French Beekeeper

Peel all the labels from an Avery Label sheet and use the side the labels would be on. Put it in your Inkjet printer. (I need to mention I tried Unistat Label sheets and Avery. Unistat sucked.)

Use the side the labels were on
Print out the image you would like and then simply press onto your wood. Gently rub over the paper to ensure the transfer has come out on your project.

I let mine dry overnight then put a layer of L├ęssentiel Wax over the top to seal it. You could also use a spray on sealer or good ol Feast Watson Polyseal.

Pretty easy peasy .......

I also used Google to find out how to reverse an image and had a play with our logo ......

Good Times ..........

Revamp, restore & Be Fabulous

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