Thursday, 14 August 2014

Gimmie the news!

Here we are back safe & sound from our recent jaunt to the US of A. Two years hard work was worth it and we have already started to plan the next trip!

So back to business!

Recently we were lucky enough to find a big batch of vintage Fowler Jars from the 70's to the 90's. The jars were carefully wrapped in newspaper which I simply could not bring myself to throw away.

Boxes & Boxes of Jars along with lids & clips that I stopped counting after 100! But as usual ... I digress.

I started thinking about what could be done with aforementioned Newspapers rather than tossing this little bit of history in the bin.

How bout a decoupage Hatbox?

Materials Needed:

1 x Hatbox or similar
1 x Pack Wallpaper Paste
1 x Paintbrush
Batch of Old newspapers or anything else you like. I have also printed out some free french papers I found on the amazing The Graphics Fairy   (lovelovelove)

I slathered the wallpaper paste all over the hatbox and left to dry overnight .......

I then used my Feast Watson Poly Sealer and wiped over the entire project before again leaving overnight to dry.

Finished project ~ perfectly Fabulous for storing anything you like!

Revamp, Restore & Be Fabulous

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