Thursday, 14 August 2014

Let's fill a corner shall we?

Absolutely run out of room to store my Jar collection and like to keep things relatively clutter free but simply cannot bring myself to part with these vintage jars!

What to do???

Into The Garage and stood looking at a 30 odd year old corner unit that had been used to house garden crap and various bits and bods.

Pretty crappy yes?

Bloody good clean and scrape but no other prep work needed when using Websters Chalk Paint Powder.

Usual mixture of:

2 x Tablespoons of Websters Chalk Paint Powder
1 x Tablespoon of water
1 x Cup of random leftover paint that was in the garage ~cool color huh?

Second batch of Websters with Antique White USA.

I thought I would try a little bit of stripey sort of latticework. I simply put masking tape over the section I wanted to stripe up and stippled the paint on with a small brush.

Removed the masking tape and made up a washed out mix using the leftover Websters and a cloth to create a sort of wishywashy look

Door is done and ready to go on as soon as I have someone to hold it up for me ....... I tried the L'essentiel White Wax on this project as I wanted a softer look to really showcase the Jars. I kinda like the White Wax!
Not in stock at FS Vintage yet but stay tuned!

So basically we turned this :

Into this:

Using Websters & L├ęssentiel Wax.

Easy peasy.

Revamp, Restore & Be Fabulous.

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