Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Do it yourself?

Imagine ~ 2.00am and you cant sleep because the ONLY thing rattling around in your head......

Image via Google ~The border is similar to ours

Image via Google

"Did we do the right thing with the Plantation Shutters?"

Now we do not for one second regret the Shutters ~ nor do we regret the expense .... well ok it makes us a little itchy when we think about it ....
The problem is I was having a Date with Mr Google and I saw the whole Do it Yourself Shutters thing. Then I picked up some old decorator magazines and found advertising for the whole Do it Yourself Shutter thing.

"Up to 50% off " they screamed
"Save up to half the price" they teased and taunted


We have discussed it this morning and used the Positive approach. We have paid our deposits to Dezine A Blinds we have selected our finish and style. The price was 20% off and Cheryl gave us a pretty darn good deal. Then we remembered the Downstairs windows ........ They are this odd kind of plasterboard which is an absolute kicker to try and drill into. We showed Cheryl when she was visiting and she has noted they will be a little more difficult than normal.
Then Mr Fab reminded me ~ they would all have to be painted and primed and redone before we could install them ourselves .......

Ok all good now ~feeling much better and have made a note to self NOT to play around with Mr Google at 2am.

This week has been pretty interesting ~ time seems to have stood completely still or moving with the speed of molasses down a slight incline ..... However ~ there also seems to have been quite a goodly amount of work done!

We have stairs ~always a bonus in a two level house


Please excuse the pictures from Chris The Scottish Builder. He is still learning to send pics on his phone ~ bless him ~so I have to work with what I have.
He has also started the plaster boarding, fitted all the new doors and hardware, ordered the roof for the Man Deck, knocked out a few beams he thought ruined the look, removed and refitted a new front door and front panel , and almost finished the downstairs walls. Ryan The Plumber has found what he needs to do the Bathrooms and Andrew The Sparky has started doing all the downstairs lights which will be super insane hard as most of it is through very small spaces because of the brickwork.
We also ordered all the screens and new Security Doors from Absolute Security. Adam was super amazing and very helpful. I like it when they give you a gentle opinion based on years of experience. Makes the whole decision making process easy. As I have said before ~I am NOT  designer nor am I a stylist. I know what I like of course but I am also happy to listen to what others say. I am making a SUPREME effort not to second guess everything we choose to do in this Fabulous Renovation.

Till next time

Stay Fabulous

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  1. Love plantation shutters and I am sure once they are in you will be delighted....might save some doing them yourself but like my hubby says.............Want a job well done then pay someone to do it!!!!! Hope that little sentiment helps you feel a little better LOL

    1. Thanks Lyn ~Your comment made me feel better. I have to stop second guessing myself ...... and googling at 2 am

  2. Oooh lovely shutters, bet it's wonderful to have stairs again, ha. Admiring your great deck as well,just in time for summer. Hubby wants to expand ours one day. I said he can, when everything else is FINISHED. Thanks for finding me.

    1. *lol* It must be a man thing? Thanks for stopping by ~I really enjoy reading your Blog.

  3. Yes Im sure youve made the right decision they make such an impact and theyre practical, you cant go wrong really :)

  4. After seeing the first pics ~yep we did. 5 days to go till I finally see them!