Thursday, 15 August 2013

A King Size Conundrum ....

Another day filled to the brim with phone calls and internet searches looking for the things we need for the finishing touches to this gargantuan project. As you know ~we decided to upsize to a King Size Bed. Now dont get me wrong ~I love sharing a bed with Mr Fab and Dexter .... both of them laying flat on their respective backs snorting, farting, snoring and scratching. It is delightful to lay safe and sound at 2am and listen to the soothing sounds of those two nutty zany loved ones ........

St Germain from Aspley Snooze

Do we need a King Size Bed? Should we spend the money on a new bed? Is it really a necessity or a luxury?



Before our adventure to Aspley Snooze we had reached the King Size Conundrum ~ Do we? Dont we? Our bed is ok and will do us for another 12 months and do we do it then? Now? Do we have a Bed Foot or a Doona Foot? Do we spend the extra money or dont we? We did of course and both of us were extremely happy with the decision. By the time I have finished restyling the old bedroom suite ~ I am pretty confident it will look fabulous. The bedroom suite is about maybe 25? years old and is a massive solid well made item but sadly needs to be spruced up. What you dont think about is ....... all new bed linen.!!!!!! It didnt even cross my mind!!!!
Finally finished all that yesterday with new underblanket, sheets, quilt cover, Quilt and everything else we need. I then added up what it had cost and keep in mind we are still in the "Oh shit we are running out of money" stage and we live 2 hours from the nearest town.

I needed a cuppa when I was done.

Our next King Size Conundrum was do we Bull nose the kitchen benches or don't we?  I am dazzled by the amount of time we have spent on the smallest things. Do we put in a tea towel cupboard or a waste bin? Do we need the built in waste bin? Can we just buy a bin from Big W? Do we glass the upper cabinets or leave as is? Every little thing costs money and I am serious when I say you can spend a few days trying to decide on the necessity of a built in bin instead of a free standing bin. Paul the Kitchen dude has been indulgent and so gentle with us ......... He made my day yesterday when he sent us ........... THE PLANS!!!!!

The breaky bar bench

Some of our Mason Jar Collection will go here

2 Pantries thankyou very much

Before Kitchen shot

We are having a kind of kick out breakybar instead of a dining table. We have used the dining room section to create the wall shelves and pulled the bar out. Mr Fab is not happy but I have assured him ~it will be amazing.
More time on the phone today trying to find what we need for The Bathroom. I keep saying to myself ........

"Not long now ... Not long now"

Stay Fabulous

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