Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Choose what to Lose .......

Saturday rolled round clear and crisp as we lay on our Blowup beds on the floor of what is our Main Bedroom. We were of course exhausted but knew we were up for a HUGE day. ( Plus to add insult to injury ~ my bloody mattress had pretty much gone down during the night and the old back was not going to let me get up)
All the downstairs carpet had to be ripped up and removed so it was a day full of Tip runs and hard yakka~seriously hard yakka. We had only ever done one thing to our home ~ polished the upstairs floor about 12 years ago. On that occasion I had ripped all the carpet up ....ALONE. I do recall mumbling to myself as beads of un ladylike sweat dripped down my face that I would ....NEVER do it again ...

We were also going over the last of our Plantation Shutters measurements and deposit with Cheryl from  Dezine a Blinds
We were lucky enough that Mum had given us a discount coupon for 20% off so at least it wasnt quite so painful. Cheryl is seriously lovely and we both sat on the horrible carpet downstairs as we made all the decisions about 80ml or 63 ml , single or double opening and so on. Yes yes yes we both know this is a MASSIVE indulgence having shutters but DAMN people ~ have you SEEN how FABULOUS they look??????

Imagine this room with Plantation Shutters

Interesting to note ~as we discussed yesterday about the : "Oh shit I have no money" moment that seems to arrive in every reno  ~ sometimes you have to Choose what to Lose. Well we chose to lose the built in furniture to have the blinds. It means an absolute massive amount of painting and restyling work for me over the next 8 weekends but in the end? It will be worth it I hope. Laying in bed last night with my brain buzzing I came up with a few ideas on what to do for the bookcases and other pieces we have here which CAN be spruced up to look sensational. I will have to do a step by step on what I am going to do to the bookcase for the upstairs Nook......I am kinda a little bit excited on how it will turn out! Stay tuned for that one.

We really believe these Plantation Shutters will make the house look finished and seriously seriously Fabulous. Cheryl asked me to take heaps of before pics for her to use so I have a few ......

While Mr Fab ripped and sweated and made grumbly noises I went out to the side fence area and started to clean up all the terracotta pots and dead plants and ..... well just crap that was there. I was able to save quite a few really big pots and found one absolutely full of Aloe Vera ~ BONUS!
Finally I had to say ~had enough hun ~I have had ENOUGH.
Sunday dawned ~another glorious day but we kinda didnt really see much as there were more tip runs and the Carseldine Home center to collect our Ceiling Fans. We are putting in stainless steel fans to keep with the look we are going for and also managed to find the perfect exhaust fans for upstairs and downstairs. The nicest part of the day was when the Electrician came and I found out he will let me have a couple of kooky pendants even though there will be a fan in the kitchen. (Thank you Kells for showing me the lights!) He will simply have them at the correct height that they wont blow around when the fan is on.
Andrew The Sparky was amazing and very helpful. The biggest part of the expense will be the replacement of all the existing downlights as they are looking quite dodgy and we found a couple of smashed ones....

*refusing to think about how they may have been smashed*

Andrew the Sparky pointed out we will have a freshly painted house and these kind of old daggy looking lights so ~replace away...

2 x Kitchen Down lights

Pffftttttt whats a few thousand dollars more????? *blink blink*

Another early night to prepare for the round trip home at 5am. We are pretty sure we wont have to go back down for about 4 weeks. Each trip costs around $800 so it is NOT something we want to do anymore than we have to. The next trip will be to check the first part of the Kitchen install to make sure its all going to plan before they complete the final touches.
*wiggling with excitement*

Till next time

Stay Fabulous

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