Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Fabulous Renovation ~ Lets have some FUN!

Our Funky Retro Phone ~Image Via Google

The BEST part when you are in Waiting Limbo is the hunt for the perfect bit or bod. To amuse myself while dealing with contractors, quotes and the never ending round of phone calls,quotes and sitting on hold ......... I have been searching for the little things to finish a room. Now I am not any kind of Stylist and probably get it wrong more times than right ~ BUT ........ I really enjoy looking for THE item to finish a room in my eyes.
You remember the shelving that is going on the wall in the Dining Room? All our vintage mason jars will live there along with a section on either side to reduce the mess we seem to create with phones, Ipads, wallets, keys and the plethora of crap from our everyday lives. On the left we will have the fantastic funky red phone! Boring old handset? Nope not in Cassa Fabulous! Found this on Ebay and spent probably three days justifying the expense and in the end thought ~ Just do it already!

This sensational big clock to go on the wall beside the Zen Balcony. The space there will lead into the Book Nook and we certainly do not want to clutter the walkway so Mr Fab suggested a large and pretty fabulous clock perhaps? After much Ebaying with many cups of coffee at around 12.30am ~This beauty jumped out and said ...."Buyyyyyy Meeee....I am pppeerrrrfect". I blame being hyped on to much caffeine and lack of sleep.

Now for the hanging pendants ~Oh yeah.  Beacon Lighting has proven to be a great place to find the perfect light and I cannot BEGIN to say how helpful the staff at Rocky and Carseldine have been. There will be two of these over the new kitchen bench area. Very swooonworthy~$79 worth of fabulous in my opinion!

Undercoat for Bedroom furniture revamp ~ Annie Sloan Louis Blue Image via Google

Then of course ~ regular readers will know we had to  Choose What to Lose and now need to restyle and revamp some old raggady and yellow looking pieces we have to fit the whole new "Look". I was a little bit daunted by the cost of Annie Sloan Paint but firmly believe ~to look fabulous you need to use the best possible products you can use. I like to think of it as an Investment in Gorgeous? Let's just cross fingers I do a relatively good job shall we?
While wandering around Ebay ~ as ya do ~ I decided to try buying the crystal knobs from Hong Kong and pay $1.90 a piece instead of what? maybe $6 to $10 each? I can report since purchase I have been issued a tracking number and a postal advice email so I am thinking positive that they do arrive and all in good condition.

Image Via Google

Yesterday we had an email from Paul The Kitchen Dude from Starkey and Christoe Designer Kitchens ~ He was very excited about some handles he found which he thought will be PERFECT. Once again ~he was right. New on the market and slightly different ~we love them!

Image via Supplier

So when the renovation gets tough? Go Shopping! Dream! Imagine! Get your mojo back and keep the images in your mind to see you through.

Stay Fabulous

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  1. Wow exciting times for Fabulous Scents Vintage!!!! looking forward to further updates :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    Your renovations are going great and your making good use of your waiting time sorting out the decor. That clock will look great on the wall, nice find :)

    1. Thanks Michelle ~I am really enjoying reading your Blog! Managed to grab a few tips as well!