Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Fabulous Renovation ~ Week 10

We have reached the stage of the build where every single week seems to take FOREVER. There is about 8 weeks to go and I am a wee bit over the whole thing to be honest. It seems like a never ending constant battle!!! Every single day there seems to be SOMEONE with an invoice to be paid or something needed to complete a section. That whole "It will take 6 to 8 weeks to make" thing is also doing my head in.
Everything and I mean EVERYTHING seems to take forever. I am tired of constantly having a telephone stuck to my ear and asking questions and trying to get quotes. Oh dear me ~ Quotes????? I am telling you for real people ~ Business must be bloody well BOOMING in Brisvegas because it takes literally days and yes even weeks for suppliers to get back to you??? We have also had two companies who did not want to quote for large sections. One of the original Builders we spoke to is probably the only one who actually gets back to you within a day or two with all the information you need.

Our new Bed? ~ 6 to 8 weeks
The Blinds? ~ 6 to 8 weeks
The screens? ~ 6 to 8 weeks
The Kitchen? ~ 6 to 8 weeks


Of course grizzling and whiney me wants it all done .... NOW. Sensible me knows it is a process and just needs to finish when ... well when it does!
We have finally managed to decide on the downstairs floor. BONUS!!! ~ and are going with a relatively new type of flooring called  Decoria Floor
We have the Fabulous David from Koala Flooring  doing the actual install and supply of this amazing product!! I am pretty sure if WalMart can use it in their stores I can use it downstairs ..... Make sure you tell David we sent you over. This stuff is also recycled and environmentally friendly ~ Oh yeah.

This week we have had more pics from Chris The Scottish Builder who showed us our new sliders! If you look really closely you can see his cute little reflection in the second pic!

Upstairs leading out to what will be Mr Fabs ManDeck

The ManDeck should also be done by the end of the week and it did suddenly occur to me as I grumbled and grizzled and basically complained ~After this week it will be 7 left and then 6 and then 5. I bet you anything you like I go into a blind panic and start Blogging about not having enough time left.

Chris The Scottish Builder trying to use his phone

We have been discussing this downstairs area which will come from the Guest section / Studio and Shop
Fabulous Scents Vintage on Facebook

Thinking a relaxing area with some nice pots and perhaps a small outdoor setting?
*shakes head* STOP ~Lets not think that far ahead  ~ think about that later.

Zen Balcony ~who is up for a Bolle?
I did manage this week to sort out the final color on the Bedroom suite and ordered the most AMAZING Annie Sloan ©Chalk Paint  Annie Sloan Paint from  ~
 Paint Me White
I am actually excited about the pieces I am doing. I was of course really REALLY dissapointed we had to lose all the Built in Furniture when the costs were going through the roof ~ HOWEVER ~ Once I had pulled up my Big Girl Underpants and stopped being a tanty throwing two year old I saw that by adding our old furniture ~ revamped and made Fabulous ~ it will make the entire thing a little more .... hmmmm ...... personal? Is that the right word?

Today will be another round of quotes, phone calls and emails. At this stage ~6.14am in the morning ~we have had no invoices or payment requests ..... it is early and the day has just begun. I do have to sort out the final paperwork needed for the ManDeck approval and I have a feeling that is going to cost us MORE money.
Any tips from seasoned veterans on renovating would be most appreciated .....

In between all that we have been making sure all our orders are up to date and having a massive 20% Sale on existing stock. It seems you all love a bargain! Our Sale will last until we leave The Bah.

Vintage Pint Mason Jar with Soy Wax

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

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