Saturday, 3 August 2013

fs vintage Renovation ~ Week 7

Well ~ Here we are at Day 55. Money seems to have been literally hemorrhaging out of our account and not much to show for it. I understand the concept ~Foundations to be laid for kitchens / bathrooms, tradies to be found and hired, Builders to start ordering.... yep SENSIBLE Tracy understands completely.
Emotional Tracy is screaming ~START ALREADY!!!!!!

And tomorrow .................. IT BEGINS!!!! Monday the 5th August 2013 is START DAY. Yes yes yes in capitals and yelling! Also doing some squirming, wiggling and ........ dancing ......

Downstairs ~Under the stairs where the shiny fs vintage will be

Mr Fab has arrived home safe and sound after his mini trip down to do some ripping and tipping.
He managed to remove the entire kitchen including all the wall tiles and even managed to remove doors! He also called me to advise :
Me: ~ "Hey babe whats up"
Mr Fab: ~ (cue serious deep quiet voice filled with loathing and disgust)  "There was an electrified rat behind the stove......"
Me: (trying not to laugh) ~"You ok?
Me Fab: ~ (continued low and deep quiet voice) "No".
I absolutely should not tease him about his disgust with Rats but seriously I think its his little face ~it is so darn serious!!!! His loathing of Rats comes from his job where they had to wear whats called Sperm Suits
(yep you read that right) to clear up the sheds with the product they use. Apparently Rat Poo and such cause a terrible lung problem......
*cough* Moving on ......

I said to him last night I am finding the fact he is so focused and committed to our Reno a little bit disconcerting. As a rule he generally says ~"Whatever you want is fine Babe" and lets me toddle on to do what I like.
He seems to have a need to contribute...

Yep ...contribute. I am woffling on about this drawer knob or that paint swatch and he will actually look at what I am showing him and make comments.
Ummmm no thankyou just nod and agree sweetie ~ dont need any input just agree with me....
Take our Fi for example ~ who is building a new family home ~ we have these weird conversations where we have paper and our respective "The Books" sitting between us ~ we have pens and highlighters at hand as we dissect and create spaces and rooms and living areas. We half finish each others sentences and start new conversations as one finishes....we both seem to understand what we are saying.

(I must also pause for a second and send much love to the rest of the girls in our group ~they do tend to have a glazed kind of half smile on their faces but they do LISTEN and nod in what seems like the right places.... bless their hearts!)

I have been entertaining myself looking for gorgeous and suitable Fab things to put in the all new and shiny Fs Vintage. Mr Fab and I have discussed adding a range of stylish yet simple home wares as we will have a beautiful space with restyled fittings and fixtures so why not make it even more Fabulouser?????
Everything in the shop will be FOR SALE ~ I have even managed to find some terrific tags to make up with prices and information. There will be our beautiful range of signature Soy Candles in both New and Vintage Mason Jars ( Thats how we roll here at fsv ) HOWEVER ~ now we will have sensational and gorgeous home wares to compliment and enhance your home!!! How cool is that????? Even the restyled furniture and fittings will have a tag along with vintage wares we have found in our travels ~You want it? You got it.

One of the Fab things we are putting in The store. Image via google

We are going back down on Thursday and driving through the night. Gotta say ~I loathe driving through the night. Hate it / Yuk / *spitty noise* / shudder / groan / complain. I could not even begin to tell you how much I dislike driving through the night. However ~ to ensure everything that's needed is done and dusted and deposits paid? We have no choice. We are so hoping we see SOME sort of progress on Friday. Yes yes its only 4 days from commencement but SOMETHING ~ even a frame perhaps? A ripped out wall maybe? Tiles removed from downstairs ? Ohhh what about the framework for the upstairs wall??? *swoon and faint*
We both have fingers crossed after this trip we get a few weeks where we dont really have to visit again. Did I mention the Plantation Shutters will take 6 to 8 weeks to make?

Image via google

Now Mr Fab seems to think ~Maybe October for a finish and ready to move in? He said the other day he reckons we need to add a month to that estimate just to be sure? I dont really care how long it takes as long as it is Fabulous!

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

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