Monday, 15 July 2013

fs vintage renovation ~ Week 5

Back in The Bah after another flying trip down to the house. We left last Thursday evening and drove through the night. We have decided ~absolutely unequivocally ~We are NOT doing anymore night drives. It is to hard, to dangerous and far to tiring.
We arrived Friday morning about 8.30 am and had no time to stop before meetings with Builders / Painters / Kitchen people.
So ~Bottom line? Very productive as we have signed a Builder. His name is Chris The Scottish Builder. Fantastic to deal with and basically our conversations go something like this:
Me: Chris I really want to have such and such
Chris The Scottish Builder: Ye canna have it Trace (You're all reading with a Scottish accent now hmm?)
He then explains very clearly WHY I cannna have it .... he will then give us an alternative and away we go.
On the other hand...
Me: Chris can I have another shelf thingy near the basin please?
Chris The Scottish Builder : A nook Trace? (Pronounced "oo" rhyming with poo)
Me: *blink* Ummm yes....a nook.....
Both Mr Fab and myself now are incapable of saying Nook without adopting really bad Scottish accents.
He is the one who came up with the idea for The Fabulous Shop.

Entry area down toward the fs vintage shop

The wall from upstairs is coming all the way down to the bottom level (we thought that was a "canna have"~ its not) A fab glass door will go right here and that awful brick wall will be GONE. Under the stairs will have a little store cupboard but the rest will be open with a gorgeous chair maybe? An artfully placed little table perhaps? What about a small desk for doing the shop paperwork? Who knows!!!!! The pretend plastic woodgrain will of course be gone......

Stairwell will be replaced and no balastrade

The Kitchen chaps were interesting and they were very clear I have to get rid of my island bench idea as there will simply not be enough room to walk in the room. We also managed to go to the stone place and after much deliberation ~we have decided on Wild Rocks for the bench's with the cupboards in white. We have sent the first lot of drawings back as there were far to many angles. The far wall drawers and shelves are FABULOUS and I can already envisage our gorgeous vintage jar collection looking super fab! The entire process is so time consuming going from this display to that to choose everything from door furniture to benchtops and we have not even begun to look at tiles!!!!

Vintage wire Ball Mason on Wild Rocks sample ~Perfectly Fabulous!

I honestly did not think the whole process would be so HARD.

On a positive note ~Mr Fab has been resisting my hounding for a King size bed. We managed to find some time to pop into a mattress place and he lay his weary bones on a Pillowtop King size mattress........ Yep we have a winner! I am super excited about THAT.

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

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