Saturday, 6 July 2013

fs vintage Renovation ~ Week 3

So we wake up on Day 23 refreshed and ready to begin the Builders Quotes. Well I was woken at 5 am by Dexter about 2 inches from my face making these weird growly noises and scraping the blankets back. So downstairs to the backyard we toddled so he could do what he does. Absolutely freezing but gave me a chance to peer around the yard and start to make some plans for getting back into The Fabulous Garden. I am super keen to go back to growing my Hydrangas and Roses in pots so I can have fresh flowers in the Entry to the Shop. *blissful sigh*

Went back to sleep on the loungeroom floor ( Please note ~ I washed it with Domestos!!!) only to be woken again by super prompt Builder Number One. He was absolutely lovely and we enjoyed chatting to him and arranging to have a quote sent to us over the weekend.

Lounge area ~will be walled
By about 11am we had two builders email us to say the job was far to big for them so we waited around for another appointment all day only to have him not bother to show up. In the meantime we pottered around going through the boxes and repacking everything we needed to pack away.
It is interesting to note we firmly believe downstairs was being rented out as a sort of an apartment. Not to our knowledge of course but it was set up with another dining setting and a large couch. Someone has painted a delightful feature wall / ripped out the TV aerial / plugged a massive hole with plaster and a ...coin *blink* and installed Foxtel both upstairs and downstairs. In my humble opinion the garage was ALSO being rented out as it had curtains and a daybed......

Downstairs in what will be The fs vintage Shop

Moving on

Builder Number Two turned up and we also really liked him!!! I was by this stage getting up a full head of steam as I was concerned the Builders would not agree to my idea of putting a wall in where the balcony is upstairs. THEY LOVED IT!!! Very positive and might I just mention ~ My Reno Book? They also loved that. They all took pictures of my pictures and ideas to do their quotes. Apparently I had made it very easy as there is no compromise in what I want.
Mr Fab loved discussing Pergolas and Decks and Boy type Buildy stuff ~ I just zoned out and thought about Hydrangas and how well they would grow under the Deck...............
It appears his idea of a 6 x 6 Deck was so massively enormous it was suggested by all maybe he downsize a wee bit? Size does matter to the Boys but in this case ~ smaller is better and far cheaper!
He also enjoyed discussing The Bathroom. He had some great ideas but at the end of the day ~ some were not doable. We have sorted out what we want and because our ideas are so very clear and we have pictures in our Book ~The Builders said it was easy!

The Bathroom

We also started going through the dark and hidden places and found to our surprise ~all our framed Movie Posters. Yep they had been knocked over and smashed somewhere along the road and we spent a good hour laying them down on sheets to try and get the smashed glass out. They have all been popped into the garage to go back to the Framers at a later date. That is also when we found The Giant Rat Trap. I went into FULL girl mode and Mr Fab stood his ground.

Me: Dear god ~Look at that trap!!!
Mr Fab: Well check to see if there is a rat in it
Me: *blink*
Me: Me?
Mr Fab: Yes just check it dont be a bloody girl
Me: Me?
(My Husband ~Hero and Protector)

So I poked and prodded the trap till we could see it and thankfully I am happy to report ~No giant Rat. Goodness me those things are so bloody big you could strap them on as a shoe!!!!!
After waiting all day for Inviso Builder who would not answer his phone ~guess who WONT be getting the job ~we grabbed a bottle of wine and a few beers to head next door to check out the work of Builder Number Two and relax for an hour or so. Also found out some interesting goings on which had been happening but we wont go into that!!!!!! *blink blink*

So Day 27 came to an end and as we lay on our BlowUp Camp Beds we discussed how well we had slept and how we both feel like we have come home......

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

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