Tuesday, 9 July 2013

fs vintage Renovation ~ Week 4

Welcome to Day 29.

After going round in what seemed like never ending circles ~we have finally reaching Decision Time. The Quotes we have had come in ~when you eventually get them that is ~ have been well over 50 Thousand MORE than we budgeted. Keep in mind we were very liberal in our Budget! I needed a Bex and a good lie down to recover and they seem to have come in about the same on all of them. So ~as much as I really dont want to ~we will have to go The Mates Rates Way. I may have to compromise on things ~ Perhaps the Studio will not have as many bench tops. Maybe my Prep area will not be as big. Perhaps the Tiles in the downstairs bathroom / Laundry will have to be a less expensive version of the look we want? Maybe I will have to do some serious legwork to find some bargains?

Then lets do this!

I have now donned my Project Manager / Build Boss hat and will begin the long and arduous job of finding what we need and making sure the needed Trades person is at the House when he or she needs to be!
So far I have sourced and confirmed ~at this stage ~A Plumber / Tiler & Painter. It will mean Mr Fab will have to take some Leave and go down to be there for things like the Pest Control Chap and The Tree Lopper Chap. He will also start ripping out Kitchens, Bathrooms and all the internal Doors. I also conducted an experiment yesterday and purchased the Perfect Bathroom Light! I thought I needed to try the whole Online House Requirements and Accoutrements scenario to see how easy or hard it was.

Beacon Lighting 

I was browsing through Beacon Lighting Online and noticed this beauty. http://www.beaconlighting.com.au/
Ok ok it is NOT vintage but it looks pretty darn nice! I have spoken to the gorgeous Alicia over at https://www.facebook.com/timewornstyle and she will be keeping an eye out for a vintage version so the Shop is even more Fabulous than my vision.
Anyway ~ The real deal crystal was over $400 and I simply cannot justify that much money for a light. This one is pretty, glass and only $99 delivered. Yep they do a set delivery via Courier rate of $10.
After purchase I received a phone call from Beacon Lighting Rockhapmpton to inform me this item has to be ordered and will be out to me in about 2 weeks. The lovely girl I spoke to ~Lisa ~was super helpful and so nice. I loved how she actually TALKED to me. I asked her about putting it in the Bathroom and you could tell she was genuinely keen on the idea and gave me information to help. For example ~I can have it in the Bathroom but it will have to be a certain distance from the main water source as you cannot put a light in within whatever feet from aforementioned water source. Fair enough ~Duh and what a shocking experience that would be .......
Lisa mentioned it is quite simple to remove the shade to refresh the globe and while not very environmental ~a Halogen will hit the glass crystals in a far more sparkly way...... I do try and be very Earth Conscious but I am torn ~Save the Planet or Blingy Sparkle ~sigh ~Decisions Decisions. All in all ~a super shopping experience!

We have booked an appointment with The Kitchen Chap / Cabinet Maker for Friday at noon to discuss what we need  ........... Hang on Hang on ~ BACK UP ........... *blink blink blink*  Does this mean I will finally start to see that darn kitchen ~ seriously stuck inside my head for 15 years? I will actually have the tactile experience of literally touching the stone bench tops? Seeing the color of the cabinetry?

Corner of Kitchen ~Before
So after all these years I wont be looking at Volcano Benchtops and dealing with cupboard doors that fall off?

Pretty sure I passed out for a second there .........

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

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