Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Fabulous Renovation ~ Week 3

So here we are at Day 22. This week we finally went back and actually saw our home.........For me? The first time in 7 years. Mr Fab has been down a few times.
We left on Tuesday night as soon as Mr Fab had managed a few dodgy hours sleep. Dexter came with us and initially thought it was a great funtime in The Car on a Holiday. He was NOT impressed by the end but he did travel very well indeed.
We drove through the night and arrived in Brisvegas around 9 am. We have no bedding at the house ~ well actually that is not true ~we have our old bed but seriously? Damn? I was pretty clear my body was NOT going to be sleeping on THAT mattress.
We stopped in at Caboolture KMart to grab some blow up beds so we could Camp on the floor. It was insane busy and I found it quite stressful to have so many people around???? Anyway ~ grabbed what we needed after parking what seemed like 25 miles from the car and me having to lug everything while running after zero sleep.........Back in the car and.............We arrived at Home about 9.30 am.
There was no Electricity connected because we had to wait till between 1pm and 6 pm for an Electricity chap to come and inspect the house to ensure it was safe to turn the power on. This was quite interesting. I called our Electricity supplier on Monday to turn the power on ~I had the lovely girl say:
Lovely Electricity Girl: Who is your Seller?
Me: My what pardon?
Lovely Electricity Girl: YOUR SELLER (You know when people talk louder when they think you might be deaf or not quite right?)
Me: I am sorry but I have no idea what you mean
Lovely Electricity Girl: (speaking slowly and carefully) ~ITS LIKE YOUR PHONE ~THE SELLER OF YOUR ELECTRICTY.
Me: *laughing* Sweetie we have one choice in decent phone service out here and I still dont have any idea what you mean
It appears while living in The Bah that the world moved on and changed ~You need a Seller of your Electricity and then The Provider connects.....Our current one does not Service Brisbane...sigh
Needless to say ~called company's ~blah blah they will all do the best deal blah blah ~settled on one / made an appointment for testing ~move on.
Ok so we are at the House ~I stood on the entry steps for a few minutes collecting my thoughts and thinking DontthrowupDontthrowupDontCryDontCryDontCry

opened the door and walked inside.

Looking Down to Entry from top of stairs
We spent about 30 minutes walking around while drinking our Maccas coffee ~ (no power remember? ) Finally sat down at a random table and chairs in the dining room and just looked at each other.....

Kitchen sink section

To be fair ~ it was not really as bad as what I thought it would be. Yes its dirty but you could see the Chaps had made an effort to at least make an effort. The paintwork I did 7 years ago was actually not all that badly damaged and good old America White USA has withstood the test of time so we are definitely going with that again. I love that color and will be doing all the existing furniture in it to match the walls / skirting and ceilings. Yep ~the whole lot in one color. I love that look and originally did that when last painting and still love how open it looks. All of our furniture except the Old Washstand ( with 100 plus year old tile inserts) was downstairs and while some of it is damaged ( one piece has no door and some red stuff that looks like Paraffin wax *shudder* all over it but nothing some elbow grease and my trusty tool kit cant fix with a lick of paint.) ~ I will use it all in The Shop as my fittings so nothing goes to waste. The Washstand is gone for sure and I will even mention in another post about going into the under stair cupboard to search and finding a Rat Trap I could have strapped on and used as a SnowSki.......
We started going through boxes and cupboards and we did find quite a lot of our things still in tact and not broken. Most of our vintage china and collectables are still there and our Kids special things are still perfect apart from a layer of dust that will probably require some heavy duty cleaning. We actually found the Marble Top of our Old Washstand in the very back of the very top of our linen cupboard.
Me: Ronnie ~ check this out (I am standing on one of the random dining chairs we found)
Mr Fab: : What the hell.....??? Is that the......
Me: Yep
Mr Fab: But how did they get it up there?????
Seriously? It is so heavy we spent a good five minutes maneuvering it out of the back of the cupboard to get a good hold on it to manage to take it down without smashing this beautiful piece of Old Marble into a zillion pieces!!!! It took two of us to ensure it was safely deposited on one of the Blowup Beds. So we have the top but no Stand so I will be turning that into some kind of table as we have a set of really old sewing machine legs laying about here..... I LOVE RECYCLING AND RESTYLING!!!!
Entry leading to Downstairs

Electricity was connected by about 2 pm and we spent the rest of the day just going through boxes and sorting out whats gone and whats still useable. 
All in all ~ the pieces that are missing ~ old Botanical lithographs and prints / decorative wall pieces / various other vintage bits and bods ~ at the end of the day its just things. Some things made me sad but then I thought ~ Fresh Start and when I am meant to find the perfect piece? ... I will
HOWEVER ~ All my clothes are gone ~ everything ~ GONE. The containers they were stored in ~ gone ~ Clothes ~ Gone. 

Hmmmm maybe I am cooler than I thought?

Stay Fabulous

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