Friday, 28 June 2013

Mates Rates...

Nervous Breakdowns ~ 0
Mini Breakdowns ~ 0
Tantrums Me ~ 1
Tantrums Mr Fab ~ ............................ (I cant stop laughing long enough to write the number)

This picture represents nothing ~ It's just cool

Those of you who know us or have been following us for some time ~well you know Mr Fab and I DON'T argue. Yeah yeah I know its odd and strange but we simply don't. I suppose its because I  generally just laugh at him....?
Well since we have begun these Renovations ~ we have had snipes and scratchy comments flying about like dust in a high wind but nothing major.
I am the first to make fun of Mr Fab so I have to be honest and say ~ I lost it last night. Not a crying grizzly tanty ~just a I Have Had Enough thing ~ quietly picking up the keys, quietly closing the door and quietly walking out of the house. I cant write the EXACT conversation as I used words that nice girls don't generally use...... albeit quietly......
It was all about Mates Rates ~ it was the final straw on the proverbial camels back. I absolutely unequivocally DO NOT want to use anyone who we know or is a friend or family and get the aforementioned Mates Rates. I will do without to ensure that everything we have done is done by ONE person who supervises the entire build in a professional manner.
To be fair ~ maybe I was not being literal enough until I was finally able to explain that if you use Mates Rates ~ part of the whole Mates Rates scenario is you have no choice but to have the work done when the Mate can do it.
I do not want our Builder saying he cannot complete the kitchen because the tiling is not finished and the tiling is not finished because we are waiting for the Mate to do it when he has finished his day job and cant get there till the weekend. ( Which I must say is Fair enough!) Then the Builder saying he has to go to his New Job which had to start as per his contract with another Customer and wont be back for a month.....and so the saga would go on.
We have started talking to Builders and have been using an AMAZING page called Home Improvements or HiPages

(Make sure you mention us!) 

You go to this page and enter in the job your require ~In our case it was MASSIVE . We were then contacted by HiPages within about 30 minutes to acknowledge us both via email AND Text message. They then put your requirements out to all the Builders and Tradespeople they have registered and those people decide if they can help you. You are notified via email every time someone says they will quote on your job. I had contacted Builders myself and left messages along with sending emails but have not had much response. We are meeting with 4 next Wednesday & Thursday so they can go over the house and quote on the job.

Pre 1918 Mintons Vintage Tile from Archer & Archer

Now for a weird but endearing Tracyism...... I discovered a page on Facebook awhile back called Archer & Archer. They have nutty, kooky, interesting and Amazing stuff  for sale every Tuesday and Thursday night. The other night I found this ~ seriously swoonworthy over 100 year old Mintons tile. It was not a necessity ~ no. It was not needed ~ no .......... but DAMN if it is not beautiful???? I have used this Tile as a kind of gauge? Is that the right word? I have said to the Builders ~"So I have a 100 year old Minton Tile I want to use as a feature behind the cooktop ~do you think that would be possible?". Just a throw away question and so far only one has said something along the lines of "Oh wow ~really? Yes indeed I will absolutely make sure we can put that in!". Yes I know its a weird thing but I figured it would give me an idea if said Builder was on at least a similar page as us....
We have also been told an absolute mind blowing amount of information on what we need and yes indeed ~ quite a large portion contradicts what others have said so you can imagine our confusion!
I will update you when I can tell you absolutely what the Real Deal is.
I have also been spending enough time with Mr Google that I am beginning to think of him as a real person and think I may have a bit of a crush.....

So the Games have begun ~

Stay Fabulous

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