Saturday, 15 June 2013

How to Make Glitter Mason Jar

It popped into my head this morning that I had a motza of Mod Podge left over from "The Tinted Mason Jar Fiasco " (*see earlier post). Those of you who have been following us for the last couple of years know we have been dealing with vintage and new mason jars for a very very long time but cannot seem to crack the arty farty things. Candles? Oh yeah ~we rock at Soy Candles and quite a few of the Mason Jar Crafts but we cannot seem to get the whole painting thing! (*AGAIN ~Refer The Tinted Mason Jar Painting Fiasco) This morning my brainwave was ~ GLITTER. I do so love a bit of glittery blingy fabness so I have set to and had a go..... Guess what?

It Worked!!!!!!! Here is a Step by Step Tutorial with much Fab love!

1 x Jar (We used a new Pint Mason)
1 x Mod Podge
1 x Food Dye (Optional)
Step 1:
Mix Mod Podge in container with enough water to make it a nice consistent paste that flows freely. Add a drop or two of Food Color if you would like to. Add Glitter... We added a Pink and a Purple Mix.

Step 2: Add mixture to jar and swirl till completely coated. Turn upside down on to some paper towel and let sit for about 5 minutes. Clean any excess from out side of jar.

Step 3: Pop into a pre heated oven to about 200 degrees (We used a Fan Forced Oven.)

 We set our Timer for 5 minutes Blocks and checked what was happening. We used 10 minutes as our set time. (* This is our vintage timer which we use all the time. A gift from a wonderful & interesting old lady)

 Step 4: Remove from Oven and let cool for about 15 minutes ~ IT IS INSANE HOT ~BE CAREFUL!!! Add the rim of a Mason Jar for that added extra zing ~don't forget we have heaps available here at Fabulous Scents Vintage  so make sure you ask for one next time you are here. Happy to give you one if you need it!

Step 5: Sit back and admire your creative handiwork! We are using ours to hold our Wick trimmer and bid bods on the bench. A little bit stylish ~a little bit Fabulous. 

Hope you enjoyed our very first Fabulous Tutorial! Let me know how you went with your Fabulous Glitter Mason Jar!

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

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