Monday, 17 June 2013

Lets get this Renovation Party started

Ok so the paperwork is all done and lodged and ready to go. I am pretty sure I was at my Eco Worst today as I printed out all that was needed. I have also been googling for information on the relevant laws regarding Renovations / Fence building / pest control and so on. The files are BULGING with information! We are also trying to keep being Fabulous and going for the Eco / Recycled / Re-purposed way on everything we will be doing. We even have old furniture down there which I will paint and use as the fixtures for The Fabulous Scents Vintage Shop downstairs. Nothing will go to waste.
So in the next week or so we will be cashed up and ready to start the Renovation Process. Now the hard part ~finding the perfect Contractor. Not asking for much ~basically someone who is a super pedantic, fussy, perfectionist who will listen to what we are saying.
The first hurdle will be having the aforementioned Perfect Contractor ~turning up on time for the quote appointment!!! We will have a very small window of time to be down there and it is a 12 hour drive both ways ~ tiring to say the least but also ~ kinda exciting. Not the drive of course ~the finding the right Contractor bit. I am hoping we simply "know" straight away. I also want someone who will keep us informed of whats going on. A txt? Phone call? Email? Just to say ~"Well today we did ....."
We have decided we will buy a couple of sleeping bags and a couple of blow up mattresses to throw down on the floor for when we go down to inspect the work and whats happening. I am thinking of it as Camping without The Bugs?
 The kitchen is completely sorted in my head ~along with the bathroom and the paint color. I have even decided where the shelves for our vintage jars are going and in what order they will be displayed...thinking Age / size / color? 
#vintage mason Pint Jar

Its the little things I cant seem to think about................
Where do I put the power points? 
Do I need extra in the study? (I think ~yes) 
You get the drift....... 
Which Front Door do we pick?
How big does the Deck need to be?
Our Big Book Of Renovation is filling up with notes, pictures, ideas & thoughts. The funny thing is ~I have the entire build sorted in my head ~ just need to bring it out and into reality.
The other thing will be the cleaning up and sorting of the house. I have already said to Mr Fab ~ nothing stopping us from getting in and ripping out cupboards and making sure everything is packed up in one room. We could also start to remove all the doors and cupboard doors as they will be going as well.
There will be plenty of pictures ~Before during and the best ones....AFTER! I cannot begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to sitting on my Zen Balcony ( a little one at the front of the house) with a glass of Bolle and a platter of assorted delicious cheeses. Just Zennin & Chillin and doing nothing......

Hope you join me!

Stay Fabulous

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