Friday, 21 June 2013

The Mason Tests & Toilets

Recently we have been testing a couple of new jars to see how they go. So let me introduce to you  ~The Pint and a Half  & The Monster Redneck Drinking Jar!
 There was a need for something a little bit bigger than a traditional Pint & a little smaller than a Quart..

Monster Redneck Drinking Jar
Say hello to The Redneck Monster Drinking Jar.
(Gotta mention ~ every time I pour or use these jars ~I laugh.)
Anyway ~ in between looking for The Perfect Contractor and trying to sort out paperwork we have managed to get these beauties poured and tested. We are on round three and it is looking gooood. They are burning beautifully and I probably should not admit ~I lost count after 80 hours ~I know I know ~pretty not very professional but I was sidetracked by toilets....
 Yep ~Toilets.
I said to Mr Fab:
Me: I really want one of those toilets like on The Block ~set back in the wall
Mr Fab: All toilets are in the wall
Me: No those ones that have no gap behind them
Mr Fab: *blink*
As soon as I saw the adorable *blink* I knew it was a date with Mr Google for me.

New Monster Redneck Drinking Jar

Finally found some pictures to show our Hero and he was happy. We have ~in a fashion ~decided on The Toilets. So that's Toilets / Paint & kinda sorta ~The Kitchen!!!

I know I know ~its AMAZING! *sigh*
After he was happy I was able to move back to The Fabulous Test Process.
Those of you who have followed us for awhile know we really REALLY try to be Eco friendly , environmental, care about what we are doing and recycle everything. I spose its lucky I love to forage and restyle? We are striving to make sure the Reno is as Eco as we can make it and we are searching for ways to make sure we do use recycled materials and do what we can to be aware of our environment. In saying that? We encourage our customers to be aware as well. Not in a preachy way but in a helpful way. An example ~we supply recycled glass refill bottles of our Reed Room Diffuser Oil and always ask our customers ~ Do you have a gorgeous bottle in a cupboard at home? They usually do and while we lose out on the sale of one of our beautiful bottles......we feel better.

New Pint & a Half Mason Jar

We also purchased some of the fabulous Mason Drinking SippyLids so our customers can recycle and reuse their jars for whatever Fabulous beverage they choose!

Pint & a Half with Mason Drinking Sippylid

Environmental Baby steps baby but still making steps....... Ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhh

Stay Fabulous

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