Monday, 24 June 2013

Let the Renovation Begin...PLEASE

The weekend was cold so it was the perfect time to don the favorite jammies and play around with some Jars. I am on the edge of my proverbial seat waiting for the Renovation to begin. I want to get cracking and get our home back to ... well being fabulous. I want to go down to Brisbane ~check it out ~ cry ~get that over and done with and move on to finding The Perfect Contractor. ( Feel free to contact us should you believe you are The One).
Anyway ~this is what I played with over one chilly Sunday in The Bah.....

Mason Jar with vintage music sheets & tealight

Nutty 50's style fabric on Mason with tealight

Mason with vintage music sheet & tealight

Mason Jar with Hessian Band & tealight

Pint & Half Mason Soy Candle

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

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