Saturday, 15 June 2013

How To Make Glitter Mason Jar ~ Part 2

But wait ~there is MORE! I decided to try another way..... While googling I came across LilyShop. I am not sure how to tag but let me try and add a link ~

Lets get this glitter party started!

So with this one I simply filled the Quilted Mason with about 1 inch of Mod Podge & added a stack of Gold and Green Glitter.

 Swished it around and then left it turned upside down for about 2 hours.

Wiped down the rim and turned the right way up..... These have been drying in the Fabulous Scents Vintage Shop of Sorts for about 4 hours. I am going to leave them for a few days and see what happens. Do you see around the top they have started to dry?

So far it looks like it is working ~stay tuned for updates!

Stay fabulous

fs vintage

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