Monday, 26 August 2013

Bathrooms and Man Decks ~ Week 11

There seems to have been a fair bit of progress this week. We have finally sorted out the drama with the Downstairs Laundry/Guest Bathroom and everyone seems to be working as a team. Chris The Scottish Builder sent us some pics of the all new shiny Man Deck. 
4.2 x 4.2 Kwila with a roof to go on in 10 days. We have also organised a ceiling fan and lights as we will tend to spend quite alot of time out there.

Almost done

Railings on
Picture by our wonderful neighbour

Everything ripped out ready for plaster

New Plan for downstairs

Smaller than we thought but we will make it work
I figured out my washing machine and dryer models this week and will begin looking for prices and discounts over the coming days. I thought I might go for the new LG stainless Steel 9.5 kg washer with the clear lid because I just think it is serious cool. Something kinda soothing about watching washing go round maybe?

This week was also REMOVE THE FRONT DOOR AND PANEL WEEK. This has had us worried as we have had to gently close the front door for fear of the entire bloody thing falling out on top of us. There were massive sheets of glass and I have to admit ~Ugly security mesh covering the entire bottom section. Yesterday ~ the wall came down.

Front of house ~ Entry

The whole finding a Front Door was interesting as I didnt really care to be honest. I know it is the Entrance To Your Home and The First Thing People See as Mr Fab has told me a million times but it simply never entered my mind. Chris The Builder was over at Bunnings and found a Sale on Doors so sent me through a pic of one he found at half price. Solid Hardwood with double glazed insert and lead light. The painter will stain it and the surround will have wood panels I believe?  We had been leaning toward the one with the vertical cut out sections with glass panels but as mentioned ~ it honestly didn't matter to me so Mr Fab made the decision. I do however ~ like it very very much. Kinda old fashioned but .... nice. It will be covered by a security grille door so it wont really matter.

Front Door

Overall a very busy week with 7 more to go till we move back home. It seems to me to be taking literally forever and I just want to be settled in and having a Bolle on the Zen Balcany ... doesnt seem like much to ask really does it?

Till next time

Stay Fabulous

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  1. Im sure youll be having a bottle of vino on your man deck by Xmas ... dont give up its looking great!