Monday, 5 August 2013

The Fabulous Renovation ~Week 8

Well ~Day 57 dawns bright and shiny and I am here to chat about Day 56. Yesterday was START DAY and I really didnt expect much to happen...
 That was NOT the case.

Heritage Blue Mason Set

I was actually finishing some Heritage Blue Mason Sets and packaging them up when my phone made its bird whistle noise. Normally I wait till I am finished before I do all the text messages but this time I didnt....
Our AMAZEBALLS builder ~Chris Hall The Scotsman has sent me through pictures of what he had managed to accomplish in ONE DAY.

Pic 1 : Back Yard ~Fence removed to be replaced

Picture One is the view of our backyard ~Chris has removed the fence in preparation for replacing with a hardwood one on two sides. 

Pic 2 : Downstairs where the new shop will be

Pic number Two is the downstairs area. Mr Fab and I have enlarged the picture and looked a million times and we believe Chris The Builder has removed all the dodgy 70's tiles ( yes yes I am a retro vintage girl but damn if those tiles were not awful!) the carpet is gone and *blink* so is the old brick wall!!!! He must have the best apprentice IN THE WORLD as it looks really clean and tidy as well! Now you have already seen the pics of this area so just to recap ~ it will have brand new stairs and the under stair section will be filled in. We will put a fab chair we have for sitting and waiting ( your choice but you will have an option) ~ we will then re purpose some old cabinets we have by painting them up and using them as the shop fixtures. No point in wasting anything ~the furniture is there and a lick of paint will make them perfect! There will be a glass paneled door next to where the stairs are so the Fs Vintage shop will be completely separate to the rest of the house.
Mr Fab is amazing when it comes to the mess that is generally around ~he doesnt say much and tends to work around the Mason Jars and packaging that are normally on the bench but he did admit to loving the idea of the shop being away from the rest of the living area...

Pic 3 : Back of house with door leading from kitchen

This one is the back deck area. This morning I looked up Kwilla wood as I honestly had no idea what it looked like and have to admit I LOVE IT. The deck is going to be 4.2 x 4.2 metre and will come out from this door into the backyard. The stairs are concrete and just need some refurbishing and sprucing up so we decided to keep them and restyle. Why spend money on things we dont really need to replace?  We will turn the underneath section into something Fabulous as this is the area that leads from The Shop and Guest area. (sounds way flasher than it will be but I love saying Guest Area.) Mr Fab admitted this deck is one of the things he is really looking forward to seeing. He said he just wants to walk outside and stand there .... feeling the Serenity maybe?

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

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