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Makeover time with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!!!!

#Annie Sloan Chalk Paint & Brush


The last few days have been very stressful as there were major issues with the Downstairs Bathroom/Laundry. Of course ~ as you already know ~ we are having a Long Distance Renovation Romance which quite frankly I would NOT recommend. Unless you can live nearby or on site ~ it is horrific. You have zero control and have to rely on phone pics and messages to sort any issues out. Yesterday I would have happilly bulldozed the entire house or simply left the door open to Squatters. Oh hang on ~ I dont even know if there is a bloody door?????? *kidding*
Basically without boring you all silly ~ the shower would not fit. So ~ after many phone calls and running around finding plans and such ~ I finally sorted it all out. Paul from Starkey & Christoe Designer Kitchens   sent me his plans and in the end I simply grabbed the trusty Biro and marked what had to be done. Then attached to an email with all the participants ................................................. and I just remembered right then as writing ~ SHOOT! I forgot Andrew The Sparky ~*writes down on pad to email*.
Moving on ~I decided I needed to cheer myself up and do some therapy. I find painting and revamping things very very therapeutic so with the prompt arrival of our Annie Sloan Chalk Paint  from  Paint Me White ~ I dragged out what I could get cracking on.
Now I thought it might be a good idea to try something small before tackling the big bookcase. The big bookcase is for the Book Nook (* Pronounced rhyming with Poo) and remember I mentioned I was going to try something a leeeeetle bit different? Well I did!
To start the proceedings I will show you the smaller pieces I did and then move on to a Step By Step on the Big Bookcase.

First one is a small table we brought at an insane good price and we think it is Oak. It is super heavy and the puritans out there may be gasping in horror that I painted it ~ but I think it needed a bit of a Fabulous revamp. I chose ©Annie Sloan Graphite as the first coat so the dark grey black would peek through when done. Oh my goodness  ~ that Wax is bloody amazing! Do you like it?

Next up I had a small shelf that had come from a demolished kitchen. I had already done it in latex paint and was never completely happy although to be fair to myself ~ it was one of the first pieces I tried. Personally I am thinking much MUCH better. I used ©Annie Sloan Louis Blue as a first coat so I could make sure it is the perfect color for the undercoat on the bedroom suite. THAT needs to be perfectly Fabulous.

The life of an old shelf

The finished shelf

Last on the agenda was an old tray I use on the desk and a small box which was cracked and very raggady. ( No Pics on these two ~once again ~I forgot. Not sure where my brain is living these days)

Now ~the moment you have been waiting for ~*drum roll*

The Bookcase.


Bookcase ~Annie Sloan and old papers

Firstly I gave it a good dusting and removed any cobwebs and so on. Last night The Girls wandered down with drinks and nibbles and we sat around talking Girl talk. Mr Fab went to bed so I had to drag this out ALONE. Interesting to note ~I laid it down on the side ( because it was to tall to fit through the door upright) and basically just lifted it. It is NOT a heavy solid piece of furniture but I hope The Fab Revamp has made it a little more interesting. I think it is that kind of light layered Pine stuff? The thing is ~ it is actually quite a nice Bookcase. Plenty of details and the four drawers hide a multitude of things.
Ok ~ I then did the first coat in the Graphite and left it to dry thoroughly. One more coat of Graphite inside on the shelves and I was ready .....................
That's when the fun part came in. I wanted something COMPLETELY different to anything I had seen. I have seen the inside of a cabinet done with wallpaper or other sorts of paper but decided to use the pages from an old book on  Early American Barber Shops and the development of them through the last 100 years ~ purchased at the dump shop for $1.00.  I also had a heap of pages from old books I find that are Bin Ready. Rip out the pages that are not ruined and use them for something fun later down the track.
I used Craft Glue to stick the pages on and I used my trusty cutter to make sure each piece was neat and tidy. I then did another coat of Graphite inside the Bookcase as I really REALLY like the color. Its gorgeous! I made up a kind of a paste? with craft glue / water and tinted it with some ©Graphite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. After the Glue had dried there were little bits sticking up and it was super super bright so I wanted to tone it down a little and give it an aged appearance.

The final coat in Pure White followed by the ©Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

I used the Wax on the paper as well and was seriously chuffed when I stood back with fingers firmly crossed this is a small bit of WOW when it goes in.
Finishing off with  fab hand painted Paris ceramic knobs I found super cheap on Ebay ~ and there you have it.
I will be reusing the hardware from this Bookcase on another piece I have to do for the Fabulous Scents Vintage shop fittings when it is done.

A bit of a long one today folks so thanks for tuning in and reading till the end!

 Till next time .....

Stay Fabulous

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