Friday, 31 January 2014

Bloody hell people what a week! I have been working non stop on this blasted blasted website. We initially had spoken to an amazing Designer who was full or ideas and enthusiasm but it came down to those things we live with everyday ....


We had to make a choice between
A: Sourcing and importing a small batch of the New Heritage Green ©Ball Mason Jars
B: Website.
So ~Jars are on the way with tracking ~yes indeedy you read that correctly ~WITH tracking and I am left pulling out my hair on an hourly basis.

Heritage Green Jar ~Image via ©Ball

We don't want "just"a website. We want something that is simple to use and easy to navigate so I have Googled and cut and pasted and SAVED SAVED SAVED probably what feels like a million tiny pieces of data and I think we are almost there.
Mr Fab has not been home this week so I have been shrieking EUREKA and doing the "Managed to Save it and Not Have it Disappear" dance with Dexter. He just looks at me and cocks his head to the side as I yell out that I have managed to put a page in correctly. I lost count of how many times I have sat smirking at something which I have finished after hours of work only to have it literally disappear as I go to Preview...

"Really? You managed to do that huh?"


Pretty sure I will never be a designer in another life ......

I will admit though ~and those that know me will agree I am sure ~I think being an insane perfectionist does have it's drawbacks. I simply refuse to accept it or release it till it is Fabulous.

So stay tuned Fabsters. This week has lead to a very small batch of both Pints & Quart Limited Edition Green Spring Jars making their way to us from the US which means ~ just like the Heritage Blues we will be among the VERY FIRST to have them in Australia!!!! (How insane fabulous cool is that??????)...............AND almost finishing our website so you will be able to purchase your Fabulous Products just a little more easily. You can of course purchase from our Etsy Store or by simply contacting us via our Facebook Page

Stay Fabulous

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