Monday, 3 February 2014


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh YEAH!

Houston we have LIFT OFF! So this morning we go to our FS Vintage website to have probably the zillionth look to see if maybe overnight the Fairies have fixed the Cart and the Buttons and what do you think we find?


I actually stood up and pushed the chair back and then did a happy groovy dance all over the study loudly fist pumping and then collapsed in a heap on the floor. Bloody hell people ~I am actually embarressed to admit I spent literally weeks working on this so I obviously must NOT be the sharpest tool in the shed! Mr Fab did an Ipad check this morning using all the relevant buttons and the Cart to make sure everything is running tickatyboo .... and it is ... so far.

I just COULD NOT seem to grasp what was needed and I am still at a loss as to what to write for the Terms section and the FAQ section. ANY help or suggestions would be gratefully and lovingly accepted I can assure you!

Vintage Empty Pint & Quart available now at FS Vintage

I have started the long and arduous process of loading the products into the various sections so please just keep popping back as I add all the wonderful things we have available in our Shop. Thankyou to everyone for your feedback as basically we wanted a site that would catch your eye .... make you WANT to buy one of our products AND have you come back and see us again and again AND again. We hope we have succeeded.

Pop over for a look at the FS Vintage website

Let us know what you think .....

Stay Fabulous

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  1. I think you don't know, but you a Fabulous job here ! Super ! ♥