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Pfffttttt Easy Peasy ......

How do we create one of our bespoke Vintage Mason Jar Soy Candles? That is a question we have been asked many a time so we thought we might take you on the creation journey .........

Ok so let us begin ........

First of all we have to find the vintage Jars. Now you may think to yourself ...........

 "Pffftttt easy peasy"

It is NOT easy peasy. It has, in fact, taken a couple of years to establish a small number of suppliers who we have grown to trust in the US.

Image by FS Vintage

So ~ once we have sorted what sort of jars we would like ~ Wire Bale or Vintage Quarts or a mix of both ~ we then have to pay for said Jars and have them shipped to us here in Australia. We are now experienced enough that we do know how many we can pack in an average parcel and how much the best postage rate is and so on.
(We also stick to the Blues so we can say they are definitely Pre 1937. We always include a sheet to help you date your Jar but we have told you before the reason the Jars are Blue up till 1937 is because of the sand they used in the process from around Lake Michigan. After 1937 they stopped using that sand.)
Once they arrive ~ (we have only ever had one breakage and that was a glass lid for a vintage wire bale ) ~ we unpack and begin the prep work needed to create your bespoke Fabulous soy candle.

©Ball Mason Vintage Jar by FS Vintage

First of all each and every one is inspected to make sure there are no hairline fractures, small cracks or anything that would affect the integrity of the Jar.
The Jars are generally clean but we need them insane super clean before we can begin to create our Soy Candles. So ~ Into the trusty dishwasher they go ~ yep ~ the dishwasher to ensure they are sparkly and ready to begin. They are then inspected AGAIN to see if we missed anything in the first run. We usually take them outside to inspect them in sunlight so we absolutely do NOT miss anything.

Once we have them clean & are certain they are in top condition ~they are then wicked up and prepped ready to pour with natural Soy wax mixed with one of our scrumptious and tantalizing frangrances. Which leads us to ......

Vintage ©Ball Mason Empty Pint & Quart Image by FS Vintage

Triple Scented Candles.

This is very interesting. When a Candle Maker is saying they create Triple Scented Candles .... they actually do. There is a MAXIMUM fragrance load you can use when creating Soy Candles and to exceed that is basically looking for trouble in so far as catching fire or not burning correctly and a myriad of other issues. We wont go into the boring details, or rabbit on about Paraffin Wax but suffice to say ~Yes indeed there are Triple Scented Candles ~ that is 3 times more than their normal load which would have to be around 3%. We simply cut out all that and use the maximum allowable safe fragrance load so maybe we could say ours are Triple Scented Plus A Little Bit Extra?

Anyway ~ boring boring boring. All you care about is that your candle burns beautifully, smells Fabulous and lasts all the way to the bottom of the jar ....

Ours do.

Vintage ©Ball Mason Quarts Image by FS Vintage

So after we have poured the Candle we leave it for about 24 hours to set and then we package. We also include with our Vintage Quarts ~ a Wick Trimmer as part of the packaging. We do this because we figure if we are going to ask you to pay for one of our Quart Vintage Mason Jar Soy Candles then we should make sure you care for it correctly so you ~ as our Fabulous customer ~ receive the best you can.

Vintage ©Ball Mason Quart Packaged with Wick Trimmer By FS Vintage

Vintage ©Ball Mason Quart Soy Candle By FS Vintage

Jars available at Vintage Roses & Things Wellington Point QLD.

Your Beautiful Jar is now ready to go to your home and add to your collection. Our Quarts are Priced at $100.00 and are available at:

Our Website
Our Shop Located at 46 Ballynde Street Bracken Ridge QLD 4017
Vintage Roses & Things

Hope you enjoyed learning a little about the process involved in creating your Bespoke FS Vintage Soy Candle

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

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