Monday, 17 February 2014

Better Late than never?

Yeah Yeah ~ we have not posted in a while . Think of it as a reprieve from reading our ramblings? It has been INSANE busy with the arrival of the Fabulous & Seriously amazing Heritage Green Jars.
We managed to bring them in to Australia ahead of the pack ... so to speak ......  and you wanted them NOW! This meant late nights and loads of packing and packaging to get those parcels out in the mail ... PRONTO!
Only a few left as they are as popular as the 2013 part of this series of jars ..... The Heritage Blues. 

Heritage Spring Green ©Ball Mason Jar available at FS Vintage

*serene smile replacing nervous twitch*

We did it!

Heritage Spring Green ©Ball Mason Quart available at FS Vintage

We kinda like this picture depicting the ©Ball Mason Pints from early 1900's through to today with the Heritage Greens.

Selection of ©Ball Mason Jars through the years available at FS Vintage

In between all of the packages and parcels and general mayhem we had a delivery of some of the best Wire Bale Vintage Jars we have seen in awhile.  Brilliant condition and ready to go to new homes with serious collectors and lovers of ©Ball Mason Vintage Jars. We only have a couple left as they do tend to sell out pretty quickly!

Wire Bale Vintage Quart available at FS Vintage

Plus the website extraordinaire has absolutely CONSUMED every waking moment. From thinking about what sort of products with photographs to put up ........ down to taking said photographs and making sure they look reasonably eye catching so we can engage you when you visit FS Vintage
Which products do we select to put on the site?
What do you want to see?
We have such a wonderful collection of both Soy Candles & Homewares here in store, it is very hard to select the ones we THINK you might like to look at and yes indeedy ... purchase.

Jar Lid to match our Soap Dispensers in a range of colors at FS Vintage

One of the many products available at FS Vintage

Remember this is the first time we have attempted anything like a website and it is fair to say...........

It has been incredible!

First of all we had no idea we COULD do something like this and second? .........
We had no idea it would be so bloody hard!

Heartfelt kudos to Graphic Designers everywhere because we honestly would not have the patience to do this for a living.

But we did it!

Many, many late nights and long days but we are pretty pleased with what we have achieved. We listen to every single scrap of feedback we receive and  tweak it every day.
This week we decided  to put in a little story about the Shop downstairs.

Basically we turned this ..........

FS Vintage   ~ Downstairs leading to Front Door ~ Before ........

 and this ..........

FS Vintage ~ Before

Into ..........

FS Vintage ~ After

 and this ........

FS Vintage ~ After leading to work area & Guest Room

All in all a pretty darn productive week or so. A little treat was finding another set of Vintage Shoe lasts to go near the entrance to our little shop.

Vintage Shoe Lasts

Finally ~ at the end of what seemed like a month ....... preparations for the Fabulous Faburary Girls Only Weekend all started to come together. Did I tell you about that?

A group of nutty, zany girls are all meeting here to spend time just chillaxing and enjoying each others company.

T Shirts to prove it!

Sound like fun?

Oh yeah .......

Now to tackle the Garage and Storage area .........

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

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