Wednesday, 5 February 2014

©Ball Heritage Green Limited Edition Jars

Oh yeah!

We have them! Yep you read that correctly ~ we have them. Ok a very small batch and after a few in store sales we have 12 left but hey WE HAVE THEM!

A few pics to get us started. These Jars are NOT available in stores in Australia. However we do have them at FS Vintage and want to say a HUGE MASSIVE love & thankyou to our special supplier.

©Ball 2014 Heritage Green Jars

©Ball Heritage Green Jars available at FS Vintage

Ball Heritage Green Jar available now at FS Vintage

©Ball Heritage Green Jar available at FS Vintage

©Ball Heritage Jar available at FS Vintage

Oh yeah
Are you excited?

I know we are!

Stay Fabulous

fs vintage

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