Saturday, 15 September 2012

The start of an obsession

I was thinking today about where I first experienced a real fair dinkum Ball Mason Jar. I had always loved them and thought they were the most beautiful jar but had not really had a chance to touch and feel ...if you will.......In April 2012 we were in Polk City Iowa with our friends The Stochls. We were going to make real Moonshine and Mish felt it needed to be poured into genuine Ball Masons. We made the beverage and tested the beverage and it was pronounced....drinkable. And so began the obsession. I loved the feel of the jars and the way they looked.  " Wonder if they could be made into Fabulous Scents candles" I mused ........
We purchased our first jars and now find people embracing them and loving their beauty as much as we do. So the above eventually became...........

New and Old ~ Perfectly Fabulous.

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