Friday, 21 September 2012

Saturday Pottering...

Saturday here and with Mr Fab at work its been a day of jammies and pottering. I finally realised I will NOT be able to give up our Pre 1900 late 1800 Ball Mason. I know I know ~ I am weak but in my defense...if you love Masons you will understand. It has ripples? running all through it and bubbles here and there in the glass ~ caused by the glassblower all those years ago. I just love to look at it and have finally decided ~nope cant sell it and also wont fill it. As much as I adore candles and how they look in these jars, how they burn, how perfectly fabulous they are as soy wax candles....... I just want to keep it as it was......
I also thought you might get a laugh out of a picture of the Fabulous Redneck Mason Wedding Jars we were given as a gift when we were in America ...getting married.
Vegas Baby ~Vegas.

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